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Status Updates posted by Debbie

  1. Hiya, I'm ok thanks. Have been better as in a lot of pain with something called SPD but it could be worse. All is fine with the baby so that's the main thing :D
    How are you?

  2. Thank you! You're most welcome!

  3. Debbie

    So... what were you doing in Ferry Meadows all those years ago? :)

  4. Thank you for sponsoring me, Matt. That was really kind of you :)

  5. Thank you Mr Tiger! :*


  7. Hey Sunlite! How are you?

  8. I rather love Shaun. I have a whole collection :D

  9. You're welcome :)

  10. He's not a lab! He's a Golden Retriever X Springer Spaniel! :)

  11. Er, yes and I had no idea who you were so I rejected you!

  12. I'll start decorating around 9th December this year. I usually like to leave it til about a weekk before Xmas but I'm rather excited this year! I'd put them up now if I could but I think I would rather wait and not get bored of them by the time Xmas gets here! :) How about you?

  13. Hello... how's your little doggy? :)

  14. Glad your pup made it! So sweet!

  15. Oh.. and I am glad your dog is okay!

  16. Barney was never really small when I brought him home. I got him at 14 weeks and he was pretty huge then. He was a bit of a fatty but once he started getting his walks and stuff, he got really skinny and lanky. He soon filled out though and is lovely now :D
    I have lots of pics of him :D

  17. He's good thanks :D

  18. Brandon!! o_O You'l; get me into trouble!!!

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