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  1. Simplify smilies

    Hi, The current system seems way to complicated, it either has the be a .xml pack to upload a group at a time or individual .png which takes a while given how many smilies you have. I think it should be simplified to where you upload them as a .png group and edit their 'activators'(:hi: etc.) from there.
  2. Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

    I'm loving every bit of Lion, however in the beginning after the install I went to empty my trash and it was buggy and glitchy and refused to empty. After a day it oddly worked fine, which is good. Anyone who is on the fence about upgrading, I would recommend it for sure.
  3. 3.2 Is great, so far :)

  4. I wonder who this is? :P

  5. Team leader?

    Yes, I'm aware I can do that. However what I'm talking about is allowing a user or more to be selected to 'run' the group such as add/remove members and administrate the group at a lower level.
  6. Team leader?

    Not quite, thanks for the suggestion though.
  7. Subscriptions Manager

    After I tested with a valid paypal I go to the product, select it, click for payment and choose paypal, thus far everything is normal. I click continue and click the button and I get "This feature is only available to Business and Premier Accounts."
  8. Subscriptions Manager

    Does this support personal accounts? I tested today and it said I needed developer or business.
  9. 3.2 Posting Options - Post as DRAFT

    I would love to see this implemented. Hopefully in 3.2
  10. Team leader?

    I think adding a Team leader(s) option to groups would be a nice addition to IPB. Add remove users without the pain of contacting an admin and such :)
  11. IPB Gone Quite?

    Nice, coming along great :)
  12. Hi, I think that the announcement system is great already, don't get me wrong, but I think that a small feature addition may make it better. The addition of an option when making it that allows people to reply to the announcement or not and count it as a post/topic. I think it would be great, other thoughts?
  13. please add the bump button in 3.2

    This is better suited as a hook, why make a feature out of a not widely used function?
  14. Debating on using 3.2 on my site... it's so awesome :D

    1. onlyME


      do you use beta 1 for your live site?

    2. Van2


      agree, One serious problem is IE9 will not allow sign in