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  1. Old Customer

    How do I submit a ticket? I have found my old receipt and some other information including the email I signed up with. I tried to log in with the information in the email and I was rejected, it would appear i'm no longer registered in the system perhaps. Edit: I have sent an email to accounts, i'm sure this is now resolved or in the process of. Thank you for your time everyone.
  2. Old Customer

    Thanks for your answer. I do not have a copy of the files as they were lost in a fire two years ago, which makes me sad. I was hoping perhaps a team member would help me obtain my old copy so I can get started building and then upgrade to the latest version once I get my next paycheck (i'm paid monthly) If that is not possible then if someone could help me obtain my old login information that would be helpful. I have all my personal information obviously, i didn't know if there was perhaps a way to look me up. Edit: Thats great, thanks for your help, my needs to get started have been satisfied. I appreciate the timely help everyone.
  3. Old Customer

    Hello. In 2008 (i believe) I purchased IPB. I am not sure how long my license was for or whether or not I could even still obtain and use the copy I purchased as the installation files have long since burnt up, literally. I am making a venture into making a website again and of course I need IPB (best forum software out there in my personal opinion.) I suppose my questions are as follows. Can I obtain my old copy of IPB from IPS and use it or do I have to update? I do not remember any of my login information from that time, i've scoured all my email accounts searching for keywords and have come up dry, is that possible to obtain? In a nut shell, is it possible for me to re-enter the IPS community and use my old forum installation file and/or what steps must i now take to obtain what i need to get re-started. Thank you for your time.