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  1. Your thoughts are much the same as mine and many others. A prior topic to this does exist though. Can be seen here: There was some mention that the URL linking to avatars would be possible to return, but if that is meant what is currently in 3.2.3 then it is nowhere what I was after, being that it is still uploading the image to the forum and that never had to happen with 3.1 (and as far as I'm aware every version prior). Before anyone also says there is a hook that allows URL avatars back, yes there is but it no longer seems to be compatible with 3.2.3 so only hope is for the original settings to be returned to the software without loooking for hooks and so on hoping they work.
  2. Download: Improved Avatars

    Hmm.. May not be able to use this hook anymore then, which is a massive bummer. :( I know 3.2.3 allows URL avatars but I'm under the assumption it isn't as it once was and still uploads it to the server, which is somewhat pointless as if it just does that why can't you just save the pic from wherever it is located and upload it to the forum rather than putting in a URL? Anyway will give 3.2.3 a test soon to see how it goes without this hook. Still I guess that still doesn't allow for those who used the Xbox avatars and world of warcraft, etc.
  3. Download: Improved Avatars

    Hmmm.. Hopefully there is an update soon. Am looking to get 3.2.3 just lucky I checked this thread first!
  4. ^ Sure.. I only maintain a forum at the moment, anyway. So there's not a lot to do apart from discuss things or look at pictures/youtubes if embedded in posts. If they spend time away from the forum doing other things I don't mind.
  5. ^ok.. well many of the users on my forum have never been aware of being able to upload images to the forum so if they do want a post an image they will as it is all they know. If they are new and want to post something but can't figure it out, then another member will usually help them if I'm not there to do so.
  6. If the image is too large for the forum, then I'll just remove it or they may guess to remove it themselves if it is taking too long to load or if others tell them. Also if people have made a drawing they want to share they will use the IMG tags. I've never used a forum as a user which even allowed me to upload/attach things. If they remove the picture then that just means people can't see their post anymore. If they want people to see it they can place it up again on the site they had it at or place it on another site, and edit their post.
  7. Ok.. well in my 10 or so years of using forums I've never uploaded the image to the forum, just used the IMG tags and since being an admin I disabled any features that could do that for members by turning uploads off.
  8. I'm not sure that's the feature you're after? That still uploads it to the forum. I'm hopeful that they return to the previous way they used to have as I had never allowed uploads for pictures until I was basically forced to with 3.2 which I didn't like (you dont upload signatures, or images in posts.. so I can't understand why this seems so hard to place back in there as a basic feature.) There is a hook you can get in the marketplace called 'improved avatars' which may help you somewhat until hopefully it gets placed back into the forum software again.
  9. Development Update: IP.Board 3.2.3

    [quote name='• Jay •' timestamp='1316154492'] 1Mb avatars? That's ridiculous. 70kb is more than enough. Most of my members have photos below 20kb, with the largest being just under 50kb. Yeah, I know. Many members like to have animated avatars at times and so some of them tend to be that large. Thankfully it isn't too many, but since it is currently only a few that do it at the moment it doesn't cause too many issues.
  10. Development Update: IP.Board 3.2.3

    [quote name='teraßyte' timestamp='1316091178'] @everyone: this blog entry is not meant for you to post feature requests, please use the feedback forum for that. As mentioned in the blog entry it imports the image on the server: Yeah, I thought it may do that from my understanding of it, I just didn't understand why include it that was the case. Thanks for answering though. Please include an option to turn this URL option off in the ACP, as it is going to be majorly confusing for those who prefer the way the URL images worked before in previous versions, and so had to purchase the hook here to bring that back. As for feedback I have already placed some in there. I think the majority of my posts are for the URL image hosting to come back but this still isn't it as it is still uploading the image to the forum. [quote name='.time' timestamp='1316096253'] You're aware that avatars take up virtually no server space, right? If this is actually a concern for you, you should look into better hosting. That is of course depending on how big in file size the avatars are. I finally had to allow members to upload their images to the forum after having never allowed it and so set it to be at least 70KB. It doesn't help those who have avatars that are 1MB and so on in size though, and if everyone followed that size then it would end up being larger in size that the forum software itself.
  11. Development Update: IP.Board 3.2.3

    Bit confused on the URL option for photos. Does this just grab the image from the URL and upload it to the forum, instead of just uploading it from your computer? Or does it actually work like it did on previous versions where you could actually have the image hosted off-site (eg.. on photobucket,etc)? I'm hoping for the latter, but I'm thinking it is the former.
  12. Download: Improved Avatars

    Yeah, since it affected the built in Gravatar system as well I reported it as a bug here if you'd like to see additional information as to how it occurs: http://community.invisionpower.com/tracker/issue-33325-rebuild-profile-photo-thumbnails-removes-photo-if-it-isnt-uploaded-to-the-forum/
  13. Features removed from 3.1.4

    I'm slowly coming round to 3.2 as being ok, but if I was able to say rewind time I would have stayed with 3.1.4. I first bought into invision with 3.1.4 and I had no complaints. Everything was great. Only reason I really upgraded to 3.2 was because of the notification in the acp telling me it was out and I figured I might out as well do it for the 'latest and greatest'. Looking over it all... I'm finding myself missing things from 3.1.4 ( though have been trying to persuade myself I didn't need them) and the issues with all sorts of bugs and so on still in it and going to have to upgrade again soon when 3.2.3 comes out. So even if 3.2 was the same features as 3.1.4 plus more I probably would have waited had I known there were bugs, etc.
  14. Status Updates

    Yes.. it would be good somewhat if this is able to be placed back there or given an option of sorts. Members on my forum took some time to figure out how to update their status since it was no longer in obvious sight.
  15. Download: Improved Avatars

    Whoops. Not sure if it was due to re-building the cache or whatnot, but I just lost everyone's avatars that were placed up using this after upgrading to 3.2.2. :sad: EDIT: Actually.. it wasn't a fault of this, as those who were using Gravatar lost theirs as well.