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  1. I run IP.Chat on my forum, but it's not something I frequently use so I'm not fully aware of all its nuances. Today I got the message of "You have been kicked", I then quickly hit up my chat mod about this and turns out it's the message sent out to everyone when the chat disconnects. This is the first time I've heard of it, and it turns out it causes the chat mods no end of bother with people getting a bit pissed off with the seemingly unprompted kicking. Would it be possible at all to change the error message to an actual error message i.e "IP.Chat has disconnected", instead of something that implies it's been done by one of the mods? We're a fairly mod light community, very well behaved community, so they know a line has been crossed if a mod does something. So it'd be nice to not have a computer error making moderation decisions on our behalf.