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  1. [HQ] Awards

    Hi Does this mod come with a auto reputation award.. like for post, gallery and Blog? Thanks Van W
  2. This has become a huge problem on my board.. Fixing this would really help
  3. I would be very interested if this skin can work with the Classified app Cheers Van
  4. iCredits

    Another outstanding mod/app RAW
  5. (DP34) Advanced Adverts

    Thank you for the quick responce That fixed it Cheers Van
  6. (DP34) Advanced Adverts

    Hi When clicking on any of the banner ads it does not open in a new window even though i have the box ticked to do so Is there anything i can do to change that?
  7. Member Map Classifieds Map

    This version is not working with 3.4.6
  8. Sports Standings

    Bought this App today Thank you One thing i would like to see is Games Played in the stats (GP) Cheers Van
  9. [HQ] Image Zoom

    I'd be a buyer if this works in the gallery Thanks Van
  10. Pokes

    Thanks for the upgrade ... my members like this app
  11. Pokes

    Thank you... one more... if it auto notified members, without them having to goto settings
  12. Pokes

    Thanks.. Great add on Nice feature to add is to poke from the popup user card Thanks again Van
  13. i was going to ask if it would work with the Classified app, but after checking i see that it does Thanks for a great app Van
  14. NM................................
  15. Gallery Albums in Board Index

    Does this app replace the recent gallery images on my board or do i have to disable that one first? Thank you for the hook Van