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  1. Media System

    yes you have a private message
  2. Media System

    guided nav is great have to fix upgrade issue now
  3. Media System

    /upgrade/upload/admin/applications_addon/ips/ccs/extensions/upgradePostRebuild.php is there :( I'll try the guided nav block :)
  4. Media System

    I'm stack here cant find the rebuild tool here System tab -> Tools -> Recount & Rebuild page plus two simple question for some enancement 1) we have lots of video categories and sub categories actualy we go up to the 5th level but we could grow up even more and subcategories nested in other subcategories are not listed in categoruy listing 2) since we have such a high number of categories is it possible to make category listng collaps to allow users to expand end close categories and subcategories? 3) is it possible some how to show video preview if no Thumbnail uploaded? thx