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  1. Yes, I have just come to want to use the calendar in this way but see that is not possible. Please can this type of occurrence be added.
  2. Follow Member Extra Options

    Thanks for update. I've installed the latest version, but I don't see the options like I did previously when I go to follow someone.
  3. Follow Member Extra Options

    Yep that's exactly what I was getting @Daniel F Only way out was to remove the plugin from loading at the time.
  4. Follow Member Extra Options

    It might be a combination of a few things. In our logs it shows the plugin calling the function getFriendlyUrlData which was then subsequently failing and throwing an exception stopping the admin panel loading. and we think the friendly URL mapping it was looking for was /admin/ That's what we think we have been able to figure out. As soon as I deleted the follower folder from the plugins directory the admin interface loaded straight away again. It's a bit of a strange one. Thanks
  5. Follow Member Extra Options

    Great plugin, unfortunately after a short while, it completely prevented me from being able to get into my admin planel. It started throwing errors in the log about being unable to find the friendly url /admin. Had to delete it from /plugins/ with FTP in the end which allowed me to get back in to uninstall it properly. Hopefully this can be fixed. THanks
  6. Hi, we run events and therefore have a category for each event, and multiple albums inside that category for each day of the event. When creating a calendar entry you can only link to one album. It would be great if you could either link to multiple albums, and/or categories! Thanks
  7. Currently, you can link to an album (but only if you own the album) from a calendar entry. It should also be possible to link to other albums. For example, we create albums for our event in Gallery using a generic Admin account rather than a personal account by specifying during creation the album is for someone else. When creating a calendar entry, you can only create under your user, and you therefore cannot select an album unless you are the owner. It would be nice if this was possible, or that you can create calendar entries under another user as well. Thanks
  8. Hi, I've had a good look in the settings and over the IPS marketplace and I can't find anything that provides this functionality. The option to show events for the next [x] amount of days exists in the calendar settings but it would be really useful to be able to show the next [x] number of events instead. This helps to keep the side block the same height all the time and allows us to show a consistent amount of events rather than a continual changing amount. Thanks :)