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  1. Hello, Its possible to integrate Screenr business solution to create screencasts and post them on an IPBoard ? This solution help people to create screen casts without installing a software, just from a web site : http://business.screenr.com/
  2. DownloadsII to IP.Downloads importer?

    Hi ! i'hd contacted IPS support and they telled me that they have a script to convert from vb dowloads II to IP downloads, just purchase IPboard and IP download !
  3. Thnk you Nuno Why i Should redirect to vb stock urld's if i redirect vbseo urls to ipb correctly ?
  4. i would to use that, i am not experimented with prefixes but i think that's little bit complicate ^^ users must enter into the forum and list and relist threads evry time !
  5. personaly I think that if the forum is general less is better, however my forum is about engineerings and i found efficient to create for each decipline a category with many sub-forums fro the sub deciplines !
  6. Hi guys ! i am planning to convert my forum from vb, i have vbseo installed in, i hope i dont miss any step in my conversion plannification : 1. rename or delete the vb forum folder 2. create new one, upload and install ipboard in 3. import database from the vb forum (configure persmission, ..) 4. create an htacess with 301 redirections What do you think if i keep my /forum/ vb folder and install the ipb in a /forumS/ folder ? this is to revert and return to vb if results are not perfect ? (rank, google adsense revenue, ..)
  7. Thank you guys for these fast replies, yes lan, i am will convert from vbulletin to ipb ! i'd tryded to arrange but i cant reduce more than 20% of the categories/forums .. i do not prefer to create different forums with different installations, its a solution but i prefer to gather all forums in one community purhapse with tabs i can do some thing ?
  8. hi i have a community about 40k members and 12k threads, more than 100 forums structured in 25 categories, any body has founded a way to organise a community like that !
  9. leconomiste-de-la-construction-vous-etes-chez-vous.html

  10. vBSEO'like to IPBoard'like conversion ?

    here are the response of IPB team about that:
  11. vBSEO'like to IPBoard'like conversion ?

    I 'd verified that and the IP convertor import only vb default reputation ! i was wondering if there is a modification to to so that the IP convertor import also the number of the vbseo likes ??
  12. vBSEO'like to IPBoard'like conversion ?

    up please !
  13. Hello, i would to convert my vBulletin4+vbseo forum to IPBoard suite, recently vBSEO had launched a like tree system: http://www.vbseo.com/f5/likes-tree-finding-forums-most-useful-content-will-change-forever-46360/ Its possible to import the vBSEO likes to IPBOARD and insert them as likes ?
  14. Hi, i am a vbulletin forums webmaster, i appreciate the new IPboard edition, nice style, new features, .. i think it become seriously more than a chalenger of vbulletin. I am looking to convert my vbulletin 40k members but i want to be sure about some features that can be add to IPBoard: 1. Can i use two names for each forum or catgory one in English and other in French (translate forum names) ? 2. I have more than 30 categories and 70 forums, i am using a tabs navigation systeme on my vb forum, its possible to add a tabs hook or mod to IPBoard ? I have vb4+vbseo intalled, its possible to save and redirect my old urls to a new ones on IPBoard ? Best regards