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  1. Coltsman

    (DP34) Referrals System

    Whens the update? Also when will this be integrated with ibEconomy?
  2. Coltsman

    News Block

    Does this work with articles too? Basically does all this do is change the design? So all the normal features of ip.content is still their?
  3. Coltsman

    News Block

    It's all messed up. I may purchase if I can see it! :)
  4. Coltsman

    (DP34) Referrals System

    I edited it and added a ?> at the very bottom. I can see it now and dont get an error but i don't know if it works as I have not tried it.
  5. Coltsman

    Download: Fusion Menu

    Yea its on all the browsers. I went in and checked the css i think it was and it adds a min width at like 150 px. So its supposed to expand when you add a dropdown. If you go to the css you can change the min-width. I may be wrong, just an observation.
  6. Coltsman

    [HQ] Secondary Group Icons

    Yes it does. From what I have done it is fully compatible with 3.2.
  7. Coltsman

    (DP34) Referrals System

    Table: pfields_content Field: eco_points http://emoneycodes.com/forums/topic/124-what-database-fields-to-use-with-ibeconomy/ the tab for referrals isnt showing up when you go to edit your profile too
  8. Coltsman

    (DP34) Referrals System

    I bought it and it seems I am having the same issues as everyone else I also edited it for ibEconomy and the points arnt adding but i changed all the fields. Does it take a while to update?
  9. Coltsman

    (DP34) Referrals System

    Just to make sure, does this work with ibEconomy? So if some one refers a person they can earn x amount of points. Also in ibEconomy the points can be multiplied based on user group, will it still do this?
  10. Coltsman

    Youtube Videos In Profile

    Wait so is there a fix for using both songs in profile and youtube videos in profile yet? If so how can I get it?
  11. Coltsman

    (M34) Auto Welcome Members

    just to let you know that the profile comment actually posts as the status of the new member. Could you make it so that it shows up as a message from one user to another. For instance if i went to your profile and posted a status it will look different as it will have both our pictures. It looks weird that it makes it the actual status of the new user. By the way thanks for the great hook!
  12. Coltsman

    iArcade 1.2

    Yea I'm having issues installing games too.
  13. Coltsman

    [HQ] Secondary Group Icons

    If anyone wants to know this works on 3.2!