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  1. Tag auto-completion for 3.2

    Did this happen, or anyone come up with a solution? Thank you
  2. Download: (SOS32) Forum Quick Stats

    Adriano, did this get fixed btw? Thanks
  3. Hi there another good one thanks. Curiously the icons/avatars of about half of the people on the list are not appearing --- just white space (so not even a red x image not found thing).... Any idea on that? Thank you.
  4. Download: (SOS32) TOP 20 Popular Posts

    I see I did not know that! thanks
  5. Download: (SOS32) TOP 20 Popular Posts

    Hello Where are the "points" coming from? I installed it and it tells me "No information is available at this time" Thanks
  6. Download: Fusion Menu

    I have discovered that I am also getting this error: PHP Strict Standards: Declaration of globalPrimaryNavEraser::globalTemplate() should be compatible with that of skin_global_1::globalTemplate() in ***/sources/classes/output/publicOutput.php(3400) : eval()'d code on line 20 PHP Strict Standards: Declaration of ipSeoMeta::globalTemplate() should be compatible with that of boardIndexFusionMenu::globalTemplate() in ***/sources/classes/output/publicOutput.php(3400) : eval()'d code on line 97 .....and it has become a huge file. Anyone clear this up at all? And am I safe to delete the huge error_log file without disrupting anything on the forums? Thank you.
  7. OK good I will try It again soon and let you know. thanks.
  8. when you say the new version, is that new since 12 hours ago?
  9. Hi there I installed this and made sure it was set up properly. Sadly, it didn't work --- nothing happened when the button was clicked........
  10. [HQ] Profile Statistics Tab

    Hmmm no seems to be wonky again. User has time set to time zone where it is 11am. Posts at 11:10am. On his graph it shows as the post (his first) being made at 9pm. Any ideas? I'm sure this was working and don't think anything has been changed. Curious
  11. Is it possible with this for this "section" or whatever you call it be places as a forum within an existing category? FOr example on my Forums I have "Site News & Announcements". I have 2 forum in that category. I would consider adding this to be a third forum within that same category. That possible? Thanks
  12. Download: (SOS32) Forum Quick Stats

    I see, I didn't seem able to edit this via the language section.... Will we needvan update there? thanks again!
  13. Download: (SOS32) Forum Quick Stats

    Aha! Does it mean "A minute ago"? ;)
  14. Download: (SOS32) Forum Quick Stats

    Hi there I like this but seems to come up with some strange things every now and again especially the "last post" bit (see below, no-one has ever posted those 'words' - 'menos de...') and also the username not showing up in Top Author and Top Poster... gives the stats but not the name. Any idea why these things are happening? (I deleted, downloaded the latest version and re-installed but the same things were happening). Thanks.