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  1. I will do that now. Thanks
  2. Could someone perhaps help me with this? I didn't see anything in the Marketplace for mediasharesuite files. (Is it ok to ask people for help either on here or PM?) Thanking you muchly :)
  3. Small modification questions....

    OK I am in the admin now.... can someone hold my hand and tell me how to do the above? Many thanks
  4. Hi there In the admin panel, at the bottom of many pages, I can see the following "Upload XML settings file from your computer" What is that for exactly? Thanks.
  5. The layout of ipboard

    Thanks. So, I can do that then (the latest posts? havent seen it on any forums...) Also, if I use some 'skin', will I still be able to mess around with these hooks? Oh so much to learn! Looking forward to playing around with it all. Thanks.
  6. The layout of ipboard

    I am still waiting for my new board to be set up. In the meantime, can someone tell me how I change what info goes in the right hand column? For example, can I add 'Recent posts' (rather than recent threads), or have much choice on what can go there? Thanks.
  7. ubbthreads > ipboard

    Thanks Ian. I just hate the worry of that upgrade and it actually costs $99 to get them to do it for me. With all the other costs of late, that's one I really don't feel like paying! Anyway will consider this. Thanks
  8. Can we easily embed Vimeo clips?
  9. ubbthreads > ipboard

    OK here I am with a few more questions! Appreciate all the feedback up until now, big help. --- I am currently using ubbthreads 7.3. I see the convert script to ipboard is asking for version 7.5. Thing is, I really hate upgrading threads it always seems so worrying and I have no confidence doing it. This convert just won't work with 7.3? :sad: Also I see the latest version of ubbthreads is actually 7.5.6. Would that still be ok, or would it need to be version 7.5 exactly. If I do eventually import from 7.5, is the process simple and hassle free? --- Is there also some sort of "forwarding to new thread" script available? How do I get people who find a thread on the old ubbthreads to come over to the new Forums, preferably the same thread. Is that possible? Thanks
  10. IP.Content examples?

    Interesting, is it easy to get maps going? Any pointers?
  11. Small modification questions....

    Got it! Thanks. Great to see an active community helping out.
  12. Small modification questions....

    Star is for a topic i created perhaps?
  13. Small modification questions....

    Heres one! On the Forums view, i can see some blue dots, some blue stars and nothing against each thread. What do they tell me? ;) Appreciate the help
  14. New

    Oh I missed that.... you can tell if a thread has new posts? (Without going to the New Content page) Always miss things that you are very used to once they are gone. But, it would be good to have that number. I like it' I think it is useful.