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  1. Discord Integration

    @Aaron Figueroa I can take a look at it this weekend if you still have no answer from developer
  2. Very nice, can you add the ability to manage primary groups too ? Thank you
  3. Export Invoices to CSV

    So great, many thanks !
  4. Export Invoices to CSV

    So great ! Could you add some things to your mod ? We need to have such infos for export : SHIPPING ADDRESS PHONE NUMBER ITEMS WITH CUSTOM FIELDS And actual infos of your mod Because we sell clothes (custom) and we need an CSV with these infos to send for our manufacturer. Thank you !
  5. There is a bug, I've created a category, a project and populated with 4 issue. After that I've created a new category, with a new project and I I enter in, I retrieve bugs of first project !
  6. Discord Integration

    @Logan Ferezy it's strange as I've not the problem after 4.2.2 upgrade. Did you tried to reinstall Discord app on IPS ?
  7. Donations Support

    @Mike John Is it possible to use IP.Commerce ? As I've seen this module don't use payment platforms of Commerce, and don't log purchases of members. What a pity! It's duplicate of many things that can be integrated with a native module. Thank you
  8. Discord Integration

    @Ahmad E. Thank you ! I will test it as soon as possible One feature that could be great is to add club support, by creating and tagging members on discord server with club(s) as a role(s).
  9. Discord Integration

    It's strange i don't have problem with accounts syncing on Beta 3 with IPS 4.2 Do you have logs ?
  10. Discord Integration

    You are on BETA 3 ? (Github is on BETA 2)
  11. Discord Integration

    I think the GitHub repo is not updated with last info
  12. Discord Integration

    @pnkllr just read the message before your's ...
  13. Clubs Enhancements

    @Adriano Faria Do you have plan for these features ? Just bought you great plugin !
  14. Clubs Enhancements

    So nice ! I've just moved all my forums to clubs yesterday before your release A little suggest, it could be great to be able to: Transfer a calendar to a club (Maybe just need to change relationship in database ?) Show clubs calendars with "normals" in Calendar App view Maybe Extend Clubs permissions with roles (With role is able to manage/view/create/delete tabs/forums/calendar/etc) Thank you