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  1. Sidebars... COME ON!

    Any updates on this? Global Sidebars in IPB 3.3?
  2. Easy Pages

    Please add php eventually :D.
  3. Chat Block Above Forums

    I gave the shoutbox a go and didn't really like it so I don't want this feature anymore :P.
  4. Download: Shoutbox

    I get this error. Fatal error: Call to undefined method IPSMember::makeNameFormatted() in /admin/applications_addon/other/shoutbox/sources/classes/library.php on line 678
  5. Chat Block Above Forums

    Damn, that sucks. Oh well. Guess I'll try code it myself.
  6. Self Hosted Server

  7. Chat Block Above Forums

    I'd rather have this.
  8. It would be cool if we could use commands, for example: /help There's one more very helpful command, and probably the one you'll use a lot when first starting out. Type /help, you'll see the the mIRC Help Menu open up. You can do a search from there, or you can type /help topic. Either way, a TON of information at your fingertips. Example: /help Basic Commands /ignore Unfortunately, there will be times when you don't want to talk to someone, or else someone may be harassing you. By typing /ignore nickname 3, you will not receive anymore messages from that person. Example: /ignore luv2quilt 3 To Unignore them, type /ignore -r luv2quilt 3 What it looks like: *** Added *!*bossmom@*.dialup.netins.net to ignore list *** Removed *!*bossmom@*.dialup.netins.net from ignore list /ping Type /ping nickname. What this command does is give you the ping time, or lag time, between you and the person you pinged. Lag can be explained as the amount of time it takes for you to type your message and for others to read your messages. Unfortunately, lag is always a part of IRC, although most times it's not a problem, just a nuisance. Example: /ping luv2quilt What it looks like: [19:04] -> [luv2quilt] PING [19:04] [luv2quilt PING reply]: 0secs /notice (or maybe warning, it could show up in red) A notice is used to send a short message to another person without opening up a private window. Type /notice nickname (message) Example: /notice badnick Please change your nickname for this family channel. What it looks like: -> -badnick- Please change your nickname for this family channel. /me The /me is an action message. Type /me 'does anything' Example: /me waves hello What it looks like: * bossmom waves hello /msg Type /msg nickname (message) to start a private chat. Example: /msg puddytat Hey tat, how are you? What it looks like: -> *puddytat* Hey tat, how are you? /kick Kick the person from chat /MOTD Chat message of the day /rules Chat rules /Away or /afk State that you are away from the computer
  9. I think there should be the option to have the chat block above the forums, like the shoutbox mod.
  10. What do you think of 3.2?

    I want the option to have a global sidebar so we can view it on forums and topics, not just the board index.
  11. Having the option to have the sidebar on every page would be nice!