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  1. i need help...with websie

    Good - And now its a waiting game :) IPS installers are normally off work on the weekend, so do not expect a reply until Monday, however you might :) Welcome to IPB! As Andy said, you may need to log out of the forum and then back in to be "upgraded" on this forum to a customer (Just click "sign out" on the top, then sign back in!)
  2. i need help...with websie

    You "create" a website. You have brought IPB, you just need to wait for your account to be activated (can take 2 working days). Once you have your license, you need to contact IP to install it for you (Open a ticket) They will then install IPB for you, and you have created a website.
  3. i need help...with websie

    email: accounts@invisionpower.com to ask for your password to be reset if you cannot remember it.
  4. i need help...with websie

    i know, painful right :S
  5. i need help...with websie

    It will not matter if you change your email..
  6. i need help...with websie

    If you are able to install phpBB, then yes, it will work.
  7. i need help...with websie

    Yes, if you have hosting, a domain it will work fine.
  8. i need help...with websie

    Once you have brought the forum software, you will have to wait for your account to be validated (Wait for payment to clear), if you pay with paypal this normally goes faster. And once you get an email from IPB you can open a support ticket to request it to be installed, or install it automatically from the client area. have you brought and paid for the forum software ($149.99) already?
  9. i need help...with websie

    you dont need to pay for 2, you only need to pay for 1. 1 License costs $149.99, did you already buy it? If so, it can take awhile for IPB to get the payment, how did you pay, paypal?
  10. i need help...with websie

    You only have to pay for 1, the board license, at $149.99. if you mean the hosting, no, if you have hosting you can use it already! The domain and the hosting are not the same, if you have a domain you still need hosting.
  11. i need help...with websie

    you have the domain, you now need to buy IPB (https://www.invisionpower.com/store/) After that, you will need to find hosting, or use your current hosting at Godaddy.
  12. i need help...with websie

    you can buy whatever you want, as long as you get the one that costs $149.99, if you want gallery as well, that will cost $64.99 more. So yes, you would buy that if you want the forums and gallery.
  13. i need help...with websie

    You will need to get hosting, buy IPB (As it can take awhile for your payment to clear!) and then contact IPB to install it for you! you will need to buy IPB and have your payment cleared before you can install IPB.
  14. Luminous by IPS Themes

    You could always hire an external developer to create those for you? :S
  15. i need help...with websie

    For that $267.72 you will get the forum software, yes. Godaddy meets the minimum requirements, however the oversell fairly bad so I would not recommend them, as I said, look on http://webhostingtalk.com/ for hosting.