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  1. I turned off my website, too work on a few other projects I will repost the items here sometime this week
  2. It's not the first or last time this will happen, the communities of board owners seem to think they are entitled to free stuffz.. What I've done is now made this mod free unless you want to remove the branding, I think this will make everyone happy.
  3. If you had PM me I'd be happy to have told you how to remove it... but instead you report my modification to IPB... I will be looking into the requested tags features but I'm having second thoughts aout releasing them for this mod as clealy $2.49 is LMAO money so why should I bother. Any purchases after this date DO NOT have permission to do this without talking to me first, if you want to remove the copyright PM me...
  4. Yes there is a waiting process and I'm not sure on the US only thing... I'm UK based (and so is my website) and it works fine for me
  5. Okay I've figured out how to do this... can you just clarify and/or put in your suggestions... I'm going to add.. Options to each of the 8 weights so you can set how much bigger you want them - 10% (small), 100% (average), 190% (huge) Options for the tag widget itself Only show X amount of tags Only show tags above a certain weight Only show tags used X amount of times Any more suggestions?
  6. Really what your asking for now is an entire new tag widget, I'll wor on it but it will take time p.s This would be considered an 'update' to the current mod and thus no additional cost to those who have already bought it.
  7. this ties into the normal recent tag modification that IPS use... By default they use 5 levels, and this is where the mod ties into it... I'm not sure on what cause them to go up and down a level but I do know 5 is least used and 1 is most. I will look into this for you and see if I can make the levels a little more diverse :)
  8. File Name: [MM32] Make popular tags BIGGER and BOLDER! File Submitter: Mod-Mall.com File Submitted: 04 Aug 2011 File Updated: 08 Sep 2011 File Category: Hooks and Plugins This modification will help those of you that use the Official IPS Tags sidebar on your forum home It will make your tags bigger (and because of this bolder) the more popular it gets... It has 5 levels (the same as the default one), and works in tandum with the normal CSS that make your tags bolder.. This modification will add a small copyright link to your footer, if you wish to remove this you may PM me for information. Click here to download this file
  9. Login to your admincp > Hover Over Members then click "Custom Profile Fields" You can either create one or if you click edit on one then save that might work to.
  10. That error is because the custom profile cache only creates itself once you have created a custom profile field for it to work with... I will code it out in the next release, but it shouldn't effect anything else in the modification.
  11. hmmm not seen this before... Where you using your own code, and was banners turned on? Could be just the banners that this happens to, which this modification doesn't even add to your pages.
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