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  1. Cookie Bar

    Thanks for your reply, however I already had that one to display: none; The bug is different as the one in your starter post, the actual cookiebar is being displayed twice and there is something else going because it only displays once people are logged in.
  2. Cookie Bar

    Hey Donkerrood, could you tell me how/where the cookiebar is being appended to the DOM? In my skin I have 2 bars on top of each other. I changed the bit of code to display: none; in the first post of this topic, but this is a different issue. When I click "Accept" the bar dissapears but there is another bar (the same one) underneath. But If I click accept and go to a different page the bar is gone immediately, just as it should. I would just like to know where I can see how the bar is being put in the HTML so I can figure out what is causing this. Thanks in advance
  3. Pulse by IPS Themes

    Hey Tom, After upgrading to 3.3.2. the inlog popup seems to have quit working. It just isn't appearing or redirecting. Have you changed anything with the new releases of your skin to make this work again? Reason I ask is because I rather do all the changes manually since I have done some design changes to the skin.
  4. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    I have "Can use a tag as content prefix" on "Anyone where allowed can set prefixes" and the admin group (the group I am testing with) has the prefix ability enabled.
  5. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    I have tried searching for the answer to this problem but couldn't find anything. I just set up the addon (3.2.x) and love it so far, but there seems to be a problem with the dropdown, whenever I select a prefix in the dropdown and hit post message the prefix doesn't show up, but it does seem to work when I select or enter a tag in the tag field. I would rather have the dropdown boxs working because that's easier.
  6. Members Online Today

    Can this hook be translated in the Admin cp? Been looking for the language strings but cant seem to find them.
  7. Facebook Like Box

    Now that is emberassing lol, and maybe I will wait a bit and see if it fixes up, though if it would be an issue over at Facebook more people should have it.
  8. Facebook Like Box

    @Michael, my Facebook like Box suddenly quit working while I havent changed anything in its settings or the other settings of the forum. It now says: ""Plugin cannot be rendered with the specified parameters." any idea how this happened and how this fix this?
  9. Facebook Like Box

    Can I modify the iframe somewhere? cause it works great but the code is not valid. The iframe will show up absolute and it currently overlaps part of my navigation, if I could just add a width and height in the iframe instead of a style tag or stylesheet it works.
  10. Download: Sylo

    Great skin, thanks for the release. Though I came here to say that in the browser Opera, people are not able to leave replies and starts topics unless they use the "quick message tool" the last part below attachments is completely gone. Perhaps you could look at this?