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  1. I feel like a dumbass considering that the conversation above mine was speaking about the issue with the shoutbox on every page, I guess now the only issue that persists is the not being able to shout at all.
  2. Hey, Well I am back lol. This time I have a more severe error. I disabled the app because I was warned by ipb (My refresh rate was to low) and decided to re-enable. Now the shoutbox only shows up on the forums page and it still will not let anyone shout! Please help? Thanks.
  3. Sorry for my post before. I just got done reading a majority of your posts, I understand where you are coming from now.

  4. Why do you hate ipb so much? Your board looks great and is extremely big.

  5. Don't look @ my profile :X

  6. We made it this far guys, It isn't hard that all to go into your default skin and do a little bit of editing, if this is hard for you, then you should have a board in the first place.
  7. It seems to work for everyone else now but still not me.
  8. There is indeed a tab but nothing that seems to appear to fix my issue. I have had this error for awhile now and have had many people to try to fix it and all of them thought it was a AJAX error. Not sure if this will help.
  9. Ok sorry. There is some sort of bug on my site. When I try to make a shout on the Fourms index/tab it will not let me. What happens is, instead of making the shout, it spaces to the next line when clicking the enter button. When clicking the "shout" button it doesn't appear in the shoutbox to everyone else.
  10. Hello, Not sure if anyone can help me on this error i have been getting for a long time now, Everytime someone trys to shout on the index it will not let them. Instead it spaces to the next line. The only time you can shout is when you click on a post. I have tried everything please help?
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