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  1. IPC Slider

    thanks a ton NeoGrant. not only does you product work, but your customer service is second to none!!!!! Thanks
  2. IPC Slider

    thank you.awesome addition
  3. IPC Slider

    hi I have a sillt question I think. I can see the slider when logged in,but cannot when not logged in. Help please thank you
  4. IPB twitterer

    This seems really cool, but I feel i lost $20 as it just doesn't work on our forum.
  5. Will this allow my members to add their products / downloads into the store?
  6. Download: Topics Wall

    Hi, is there a way to hide the forum I want to use the topics wall for? That way, all visitors see is the topics wall main page. Then the topic? Also can we change the name of topics wall to other words? Thank you
  7. Download: Echelon Mp3 Pro Player

    Hi, thanks for reply so fast. I do highlight the url, but still no player. I know it's uploaded to my forum and I know the xml file was uploaded. It just seems not to show on my site :(
  8. Download: Echelon Mp3 Pro Player

    Wow I tried this. But after I highlight it, nothing shows? 320kbps mp3 used. More info :; I uploaded the swf file to my forum home and uploaded the xml file thru the admin panel as per instructions. Went to make a test post with it and nothing shows. The player is in the drop down list :)
  9. Featured Sliders

    Hi, this is awesome. My question is. We want to keep three of the articles on the main page at all times. As they are sponsors. But is there a way to just rotate the top article in this product? Thanks, it's awesome!!
  10. Featured Sliders

    Wow. Thanks Marcher for such a fast reply and all the help!! My problems are resolved.
  11. Featured Sliders

    Thank you for reply. I understand the thumb nail adjusting. It's just if we look at the site on a big monitor all is good. If we look at it on a smaller monitor, the thumbs are in the sidebar on the rightside Also, why can't I get a correct link to my articles? They just keep linking back to the pages main page? Thank you much
  12. Featured Sliders

    Awesome app. But when we test it and resize the window the featured articles area adjusts but the four articles thumbs do not and it looks not good. How can I fix this? Thank you much. Oops, also. My articles are not linking correctly. What do I have to change to get them to link to the article? Right now they link to the PAGES page lol Thank you