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  1. When clicking on the notification bar when opening a site for the first time, it does not dismiss the associated notification under the notification icon at the top of the site. This has been a constant bugbear of mine since notifications actioned in this way require two additional clicks to dismiss them, when actioning it from the notification bar ought to do so.

  2. 9 hours ago, DesignzShop said:

    We really needed:
    "Take me to the most popular comments" or
    "Take me to the highest rated comments"

    I would have thought that, in order to achieve that, we'd need to group or order those comments in some way. In a linear chronological view it would only be able to take you to one of them. Can IPS group top/highest rated comments in a reddit-esque style? If so, I agree it would be a good option for that use case.

  3. 1 hour ago, Martin A. said:

    Will this allow the member to use the same password as they had before? Kind of defeats the purpose if they can.


    I would prefer that previous password use is prevented if possible. 

    These are good changes though and I'm glad to see the removal of emailed passwords.

  4. I joined in May 2011 and purchased the software for use with a gaming community. Since then it's also been used for a photography community, horse rescue charity and, currently, an astronomy community.

    I've never, not once, considered leaving for a competitor. The software and support has been top-notch throughout.

    P.S. Please do tell about @Lindy being locked out of his own data centre...

  5. 1 hour ago, CP_User said:


    While on the app, how do you get to the last reply in the topic. On mobile view you have the blue dot, however I do see a blue square on the app but you can’t press it so I’m not sure if it’s meant to be the same? Every time I’ve tried in different ways it only take me to the first post in the topic.

    That’s very odd as on the iOS app I always end up at the last post, with no visibility of the posts before it.

  6. The more I use the app the more I enjoy using it. It’s refreshing to have proper push notifications and a decent mobile interface (not that I am knocking the current mobile interface, but I like the app a lot more).

    It’s still got some kinks to be worked out but Rikki and the team are burning through the feedback at a rate of knots. 

    Thanks for the efforts with this.

  7. Just now, Dll said:

    But since a PWA can be installed with a single click from a website rather than a visit to an app store and will then act and look like a 'proper app', I'd assume they'd readily use it if the option was available. 

    I’ll reiterate: they tested it.

    Issues were numerous, including lack of push, odd navigation problems (e.g. going back was counterintuitive compared to a native app experience), the PWA shortcut needing to be removed to resolve caching issues, etc.

    As I said, and in my opinion, PWAs aren’t there yet.

  8. 16 hours ago, Rikki said:

    This part alone is enough reason for us to provide an app, I think. Many admins that offer TapaTalk have been itching for a first-party (or even a third-party) alternative. They view TapaTalk as a necessary evil, not something they're legitimately pleased to offer their users. We hope to be different in that regard.

    Yes, this!

    There seems to be a lot of focus on "my users don't want a multi community app" and "PWAs are coming". It's not that simple in either regard.

    The users of my community with Tapatalk often used it for only one community... Mine. They treated it as an app for my community, and therefore it became a single community app. It did not bother them that they could add other communities nor did they care about the fact that it was as generic as possible in order to work on different software. The pain was felt by me, in keeping Tapatalk working and up to date. Eventually it became too much hassle, so it was removed much to the ire of many users. An app offering would be a welcome return.

    The use of PWAs is increasing, so I will not argue the semantics of that. I haven't yet, however, met a single one of my users who knows what a PWA is, how a PWA works, how to add a PWA to their device, etc. In fact, when I advised certain staff members of my community about PWAs they tested them and were not impressed. In short, they'd prefer what they termed "a proper app". I've no doubt that PWAs will improve over time, but for now it's not there.

  9. On 8/30/2019 at 12:57 PM, opentype said:

    Based on my 18 years as community admin, I completely disagree. Every busy community needs moderation and moderation needs a foundation in proper rules that members have a chance to know upfront – otherwise people will feel the moderator actions are arbitrary and unfair. And then the smallest action can make people leave the community angrily forever. 

    I've been doing this for roughly the same time, and stand by my point of view. I have never had the problems you described, so that is either a personal experience or purely conjecture. One approach will doubtless be suitable for every community, and what I've adopted has worked quite well, both with older and younger demographics.

  10. I agree with nearly everything, but this:


    A clear and well-written community guidelines document won't stop trouble from occurring, but it will provide your team with clear boundaries and protocols to follow.

    In my experience any published rules and guidelines that attempt to set such clear boundaries will only bite you in the longer ter. Rules will inevitably be written in such a way that somebody could and will misinterpret them, whether intentionally or not, and then argue that the rules have not been breached or that they mean something entirely different.

    I've opted for a lighter touch using an approach IPS previously suggested:


    If, in our opinion, your post content, private messages, signature, profile image, chat messages, etc., are disruptive and impact our members' enjoyment of our community, we will ask you to refrain from such actions in the future or will revoke your access to this community.

    It is very hard to argue with an opinion.

    I then provide some explicit examples, but again nothing so explicit that it creates loopholes, and empower my moderators:


    Any posts advocating or instructing how to perform acts of unauthorised accessing, copying or redistribution of intellectual property are strictly forbidden. Such posts will be immediately moderated and your access to this community will be revoked.

    Due to the controversial nature of some subjects, including but not limited to political and/or religious views, discussions of these subjects are not permitted on the forum and will be removed. Moderators are free to exercise their discretion in this regard.

    Discussing or questioning incidents of moderation in open forum, including but not limited to the forum, status updates, and chat box, is strictly forbidden.

    And finally:


    All administrator and moderator decisions are final.

    In many years of using this approach I've yet to have an argument over the rules. Members being penalised may argue that they believe they've done nothing wrong, but we simply respond that, in our opinion, they have.

    It works very well.

  11. I try to de-risk "getting stuck" as much as possible and always think ahead to the next update.

    In anticipation of 4.4 I'm looking at the limited number of third party addons I use and assessing whether they'll be updated in a timely fashion, and will seek alternatives if it appears they may hold back an update by an unreasonable amount of time.

    I also planned ahead by migrating from CentOS 6.10 to CentOS 7.6 in the last week, allowing me to enable HTTP/2 and ALPN, and have PHP 7.3 ready to go.

    Bring on the cutting edge. 😀

  12. 22 hours ago, eskaiter said:

    All new features are nothing worth as long as they won't kill facebook, twitter, instagram and os on!


    Based on that logic, IPS may as well shut up shop right now.

    Companies like IPS are not here to 'kill' social media, but these small enhancements improve the quality of the user experience for administrators and users alike, so for some of us they are indeed noteworthy.

    I've been somewhat vocal elsewhere about the things that social media gets right, and where I see IPS could make improvements, but credit is due to the team for their ongoing efforts to improve the suite.

  13. I really like this, but there is a gaping hole at the moment. I fed back about it ages ago, here:

    I see no evidence that those completing their profiles are more likely to engage. I have loads of new members who've updated their profile and haven't posted, and some that are as blank as my autobiography but yet have posted.

    I do think the 'progress bar' works though, as I do see more completed profiles these days, and so gamification could be seen to work.

    What I'd really like to see, as I fed back in that thread I linked, is a continuation of the approach to encourage the new member to 'break the ice'. Completing the profile is fruitless unless they take the next step and actually contribute in some way.

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