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  1. (DP34) Sort Subforums

    Hello, Great hook! I Just installed it today. It would be great to include some new options. I was a long time vbulletin users and there are many powerful subforum mods for vbulletin. I think it's essential to have more control over subforums display in IP.Board. Here are my suggestions: - I'd like to be able to set number of subforum columns for specific forum. For some forums It will be 2 columns, for others 3 or even 4. - I don't want to sort subforums alphabetically. I prefer order set in ACP forum (Manage forums). Would be great if something like that could be achieved. I am willing to pay much more for the mod of this kind. Thank you,
  2. Classifieds

    It is same for me too .. Please fix this .. :baby:
  3. Thank you bfarber, That was it. Now, I'm a proud IPB user.
  4. I think that is the feature that should be implemented in one of the next versions. Much needed for monetization. ;) That's the thing I needed to hear. Thank you. So It's possible to modify board index like that. Could someone show me how or I need to pay for custom work?
  5. Charles, I tried demo but I still don't have my answer. Couldn't someone of developers answer would it be possible like it is in vbulletin?
  6. I have to be absolutely sure that I will be able to put code exactly above the specific category on board index
  7. I own pretty large Vbulletin 3.8 forum (Topics: 47,164, Poss: 878,717, Members: 24,575) : www.glazbeni-forum.com My question before converting to IP.Board 3.2.3 is will I be able to put banners above the specific categories on forum index page like we have now?