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  1. No worries, we are all busy, I am just super happy that you didn't abandon this app because to me it's one of the most useful apps out there, so much so that I think it ought to be part of IPB core. ;) Also, what other app are you doing to release, do tell!
  2. Just pinging this topic again. Secondary group management is still badly needed.
  3. So I downloaded this and installed in on 3.4.5 and it doesn't work. It doesn't promote people to the secondary group at this time. When "accept when applied" is set to yes, and "promote when accepted" is set to yes, the user is not actually added to the secondary group. It's also unfortunate that at least one question is required. It would be nice if there was a way to set it up such that no questions are required so that people can just add themselves to a secondary group.
  4. Dev, did you ever get anywhere with this? It's pretty important that someone other than the admin can remove people from a group. The use cases are: Think of a board about a soccer league and members join secondary groups that give them access to an area that is specific to their team. Someone other than the admin ought to be responsible for administering that area and be able to remove people from the secondary group if they are no longer with that team. Or a gaming clan or guild in an online game. Applications are approved when players join the guild, but the guild leader (who is not the admin of the forum because the forum is about the game as a whole and not just the guild) needs to be able to remove people from his guild subforums when they leave the guild in game.
  5. Well, it depends. If you are removing from a secondary group then this is a non-issue. If you are removing from a primary group then yes, it would be best to have the admin set a default group and if the user ends up in the "wrong" primary because they have been put in that default group then that rare occasion can be corrected by admin/mods after the fact. You could limit the tool to only work on secondary groups and completely avoid this issue. ;)
  6. Yes it's imho essential for this to work with secondary groups and not primary ones. As a new feature request it would also be good if there was a way that moderators can remove people from the group, making it a two-way process rather than just a one-way add-to-group. Having said that, I was still happy to buy this even though I can't actually use it without secondary group functionality and group removal because this is the closest app out there that actually has the potential to turn into something I need. ;)
  7. As a follow-up; Please change the download page to indicate which version of IPS is supported under which version of the mod. I am glad to financially support the development of this mod, I did buy it, but right now it seems like that because I use IPS 3.3.x I am missing out on these bug fixes/changes Version 2.1.2 - Fixed mySQL error when upgrading - Fixed characters when updating notes - Minor bug fixes Version 2.1.1 - Fixed non-occidental characters bug while adding questions - Fixed the skin bug - Fixed minor bugs - New, faster, easier way to add questions - Improved speed and stability - Removed useless features Had I know that before the purchase I may have asked whether you plan to release a 3.3.x compatible bug-fixed version prior to purchase.
  8. This does imply that the bug fixes that were implemented afterwards are not included? As a suggestion, please create an up-to-date bug-fixed version for 3.3.x, there are quite a few admins who are not moving to 3.4.x due to issues with the editor (quoting for one) as well as other minor details that make people not move. The IPB 3.3.x version is like the vBulletin 3.8 version, something people hang on to because it works and doesn't have "features" in it that made subsequent versions meh.
  9. Just bought this, which version do I need to install for 3.3.4? I don't plan to ever "upgrade" to IPB 3.4.x because that version just blows.
  10. Not this isn't about ACP access. GroupLeaderA is a member of GroupA, which is a secondary group, and allows access to a private sub-forum that only GroupA members are supposed to have access to. On the same forum a large number of other private subforums exists for other groups. The way IPB works is that in order for GroupLeaderA to be able to add members to GroupA is for him to have access to "can edit members" and "can move members to other groups" in the ACP. This access has been granted. The result of granting this access is now that GroupLeaderA has access to 100% of the member information of every single member of the forum (in effect having access to 100% of my clients). In addition GroupLeaderA can assign any secondary group to any member, including himself. This means that GroupLeaderA can add himself and others to GroupB, which he has no business doing because GroupB has a reasonable expectation that the content they post is private to GroupB only. Between these two "features" IPB is completely unsuited for forums that have the functional requirement to have private subforums for secondary groups.
  11. You cannot prevent someone who is supposed to be able to add a secondary group from adding themselves, or someone else, to a specific secondary group. So if I have a sports team, and I assign someone acp access so he can move forum members in the secondary group for that sports team. The person with acp access has to have "can edit members" and "can move members to other groups" permissions. There is no way to restrict which "other" groups the guy with acp access can move members to. Because of that he can move members (and himself) into any other groups that are supposed to be private to the members of that group. This creates a situation where the secondary group functionality becomes quite literally useless if there is any kind of sensitive/private information supposedly accessible by secondary groups. Things like team strategies, investment tips, etc. etc. etc. come to mind. In addition I find it completely unacceptable that someone who's only function is supposed to be to move a member to a secondary group has in effect access to my entire customer database because (s)he can view (and thus save/copy) the email addresses of all my members. Think about it.
  12. True, I hadn't though of that. Another issue I didn't think of though is that those who were supposed to only add members to their own secondary group can also add any member to any other secondary group, including adding themselves to the Admin or Super Mod group which then negates the generic permissions you suggested. They won't have admin powers without those permissions having been explicitly granted, but they can at least access all subforums even those they weren't supposed to have access to. This whole thing is a giant cluster duck. :(
  13. Now that I have had some time to have my users evaluate the currently available option to add users to a secondary group I would like to share what we have found; Currently the only way to allow someone to add/remove a user to/from a secondary group is to allow admin cp access. The admin cp access can be limited to Manage Admin Restrictions -> Admin Restrictions -> Set Restrictions -> Members -> Grant Access to Member Application (checked) -> Grant Access to Member Module (checked). Now, intuitively the next option would be to check Can move members to other groups? - however, that option does not work unless Can edit members? is also checked. If Can edit Members? is checked, then the person who's only function was supposed to be to add/remove a user to/from a secondary group is now allowed to change their display name, login name, password, email address, primary group, user title, and so on. This is solution isn't a workaround as it is completely unacceptable that one person who isn't affiliated with the forum in any way other than (s)he just happens to be the leader of a user group that decided to use the forum is now all of a sudden able to view the email addresses of all members, and edit the settings of all members. But wait, there is more! Because that user is now a member of the Admin group, (s)he has read access to all private subforums present on the forum whether (s)he is a privileged member of the group that those private forum sections were created for or not. I cannot recommend to anyone that they go this route because even with admin restrictions in place your users are now all exposed to the person that you only want to be able to assign secondary group memberships. On my forum I have lost a couple hundred active users who left the community in frustration over the inability to assign group memberships. I cannot recommend IPB to anyone who's forum relies on secondary groups.
  14. Quoting larger posts multiple times is essential to the users of my forum. Removing functionality that users are well familiar with and trained in to replace it with something that is absolutely not intuitive is something that I am not willing to push onto my users. I won't be upgrading to 3.4.
  15. So, which mod allows my users to request access to join a group?
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