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  1. Hey, I have been taking a lot of deep breath dealing with ip.content. I am just truly frustrated and tired of spinning my wheels. Please, understand I am not trying to put down the board. I think is the best one out there. I was and I am excited about what I may be able to do with it. One of the main reasons I choose ip.board over anything else was the ip.content (and Nexus). I know my difficulty lay partly in that this is all new for me,and yes, I agree that ip.content is for more advance uses. I did and do expect to have a learning curve, I have no problem learning, I want to learn. And there lay my frustration, I can find a way to learn. Kessler I do appreciate your offer to help. I just opened a new ticket and closed the old one. I love it if you can help me figure it out. It is great if you can do it for me, but it would be greater if you teach me how to do it. I will add more specificity and would love to discuss it further with you. I basically want to use ip.content to be my website built around the board. Right now I have a Joomla website as website and the board as two separate entities. I want just one. I want to do away with the joomla website because I know I do not needed if I have ip.content. Truth be told, when I saw that the invisionpower website was built using ip.Content, I was sold with ip.Borad because I knew I could oa much better community with the tools ip.Board and addons offer.. My model is http://www.digitalweddingforum.com/. That is run using vBulletin but I know I can be much better looking with the ipBoard. Some of the areas you won't have access because you need to be a member, but basically this is what I am trying to built. 1. A main page where I can post teasers about hot forum topics as well as news. At the top of the example site you will see a gallery slide show. I have that software so I just need to embed the code. I also need to place banner adds, in top and bootom (I have nexus). If you look at my website you will see more of less what I am trying to do (www.fplaonline.com). 2. I need a page where I can have videos. you will see the in sample website that they have something call DWF U. 3. Plus the other type of pages you expect to see in a website (about, contact, etc.)
  2. I am sure that ip.board is the best bulletin board software, but is soooo frustrating trying to figure out. And what they call documentation, well. sucks big time. It is written to tell me what it can do but not the how. For example, I want to make a home page using ip.Content. Well it tells me I can do it but not how. Maybe it assumes that I know what I am doing, but i though that documentation is written for those who do not know what they are doing. I know it can do what i need and want and it can do it better than any other solution out there, but I need to know HOW. You already sold it to me, I already paid the money, you do not need to keep telling me what it can do, but I want tro know HOW I can do it. Hey, sell me a book, a video, whatever, but HELP ME. What I am doing is going in circles, wasting time and becoming discontent. To the poing that I am willing to trash my ip.board and loose the money I spend (close to $600) for vBulletin if it does what I need and can find the HOW. For what I have seen, they have much better documentation. People, if you are going to charge twice as much as vBulletin I expect you to have twice as good documentation and help files. Honestly, what you have sucks big time. It has been next to useless. I probably have ten times more support tickets than anyone else because that is the only way I can get some help understanding the board. Please, it is nice that you are ready to release a new version, but please, please, PLEASE, spent some time creating a decent manual. One that do not assume that whomever is reading it knows how to use the board. Making for beginners like me. take me by the hand. Show me that my investment was worth it. Please!
  3. But what do I upload? Inside of the Upload file that I downloaded there are two folders, one called admin and the other called public. Where do I upload those two folders?
  4. I am new with IPBoard and I need to install this app. Where I can get some instructions on how to install and configure the app?
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