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  1. (DP34) Multilang System

    Hello DawPi. Looks very promising. Kind regards.
  2. Download: Ajax Live Search

    Does it work with 3.3.3 ? Someone tested ? ———————————————————— Edit: I took the risk and bought it. It's not working correctly. Jquery is already included on my board and No matter if I click "include jquery" or not, it doesn't change anything. The bug: no results are displayed, no matter what you type. " alt="9c8cfe86987707c3cf39a6f8ebfa6cb7.png">
  3. TracDown

    Hello Mr. Mikey. Have you got some news about the sub-categories? Best regards.
  4. TracDown

    I saw you have started working on the sub-cat. That's nice. Made a start on subcategories, they technically work right now, but there is no way to set a subcategory up from the frontend. But how can we set them up?
  5. TracDown

    Ok. I will wait for this and follow the file into the Market. If I can give you a suggestion, you should implement the sub-categories into drop-downs under the category bar. It should give a nice navigation.
  6. TracDown

    Hello Mr. Mikey. The fact you cannot create sub-categories is a huge problem for us. You have a limited width space in the front-end category bar and i have something like 8 categories for 40 sub-categories. This issue make me think I paid Tracdown for nothing and I will have to use IP.tracker. I want to know if you are going to fix this asap or if I have to remove the application and go for IP.tracker. Best regards.
  7. (RC34) Unlucky Members

    I remember there was a hook that does the same for banned members. I guess you can have lots of fun using it in a few rare situations. :)
  8. Hello Enkidu, Is this working with IPB 3.3.2 ?
  9. Hello, Someone asked you about the group permission and you told him you're going to work on it 6 months ago, did you go ahead with this ? It's the main reason why i brought your script and was surprised it was only "per member" which is really boring for VIP and Staff posts. I can pay you for this modification. Please contact me via skype (aiiiven) or e-mail (aiven{at}wowreach{dot}com) if you can, it'll be better. :smile: Thanks in advance.