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  1. Character Mod

    I would love to see this updated for 4.0 as well. We currently use it on my forums, and our members who role-play love it. c: First question for the current version however; Is it possible to use this plug-in on mobile? Some members on my forum post from their phone, and would like the ability to use their OC accounts from the mobile version. Second question; Is it possible to have the names affect only the sub-forum that the plug-in is applied to? Currently, our roleplay sub-forum is under a category that features other sub-forums, but on the main index of our page, it displays the name of the last character that replied in the roleplay forum -- even if the latest post is from a different sub-forum.
  2. Posts Per Day Goal

    In your first post, it seemed as you indicated something like this. Is it just something you're not interested in anymore? If that's the case, it's really too bad. That was one of the reasons we purchased this app in the first place.
  3. Posts Per Day Goal

    Hi just bought your app and I was just wondering if we're going to get an update that included how many posts that each person committed towards the counter? I'm currently running a forum where two of our staff is really active, and the other three not as much, so it skews the results. I just wanted to know when/if this is a possibility because we want to be able to track the activities of each staff member.
  4. (SD33) Pages

    Hi, I have a quick question: I have an admin on the site I'm running who is using pages to create a database/archive, and as of late, (Possibly since the last few updates to ip.board) she has been having issues with formatting. Mainly if she has any <br> codes or she has used underlines in her pages. When she saves and goes back in, it supposedly disappears. Any clues as to why that might be? Or any solution that we might try? Thank you!