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  1. SELECT * FROM `World` WHERE `Someone` LIKE '%You%'

  2. Finally upgraded to IP.Board latest and redoing all the modifications including the skin!

  3. I think you should allow users to choose the position tooltips are being displayed. Of course, but if user hasn't chosen a position and set the position to 'auto'. public/js/ips.js (line 1322) position: 'auto', Changes to: position: ( $( element ).hasAttribute("data-tooltip-position") ) ? $( element ).readAttribute("data-tooltip-position") : 'auto', That will allow users to define a display position by 'data-tooltip-position' attribute. Like: <img src="icon.png" data-tooltip="Testing Tooltip" data-tooltip-position="bottom" /> Thanks :)
  4. I knew it! :devil: I knew IPS had something in mind :P Good work.. Thank you :)
  5. Hey, I don't know where else to post this. It's nothing really. But I don't know why IPS made it like this. admin/sources/base/ipsMember.php (2935-2942 lines) But don't you think it's better to replace: //----------------------------------------- // Load the member? //----------------------------------------- if ( ! is_array( $member ) AND ( $member == intval( $member ) AND $member > 0 ) ) { $member = self::load( $member, 'all' ); } With this?: //----------------------------------------- // Load the member? //----------------------------------------- if ( is_numeric( $member ) ) { $member = self::load( $member, 'all' ); } Or maybe... if ( is_numeric( $member ) AND $member > 0 ) Thanks for reading this boring post. :smile:
  6. >Tutorials and >Tracker definitely a go! :smile:
  7. is improving Social Engine Forum!

  8. Probably Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and L.A. Noire at Steam :)
  9. Edit and customize admin/applications/members/modules_admin/members/members.php and admin/applications/members/skin_cp/cp_skin_member.php as you want and you can get it implemented yourself, if you are a programmer :) Thank You :)
  10. Just visited Social Engine. Some brilliant work there. You should do some write ups on how you built the site for beginners, especially the layout of your pages, background images, etc ;-)

    1. Sandakelum™


      Ummm. What you meant exactly?. Thank you...

  11. I have been waiting for this years. I need a stable version with more features including custom sprites :( Please update this. Thank You :)
  12. Need to get update to IPB 3.2.0 of this please :(
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