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  1. Please,I can't get this to work with IPB 3.1.4,When you rep someone it dosn't work.They don't revive any rep or message.. May someone please help?. Thanks !
  2. Yeah but i mean just like in mybb or vbuttlin you click the views or replies..
  3. lol yeah,It really is time to change the Emoticon,Its been like 4 years now and still using the same old outdated ugly Emoticon's..Even tough u can download them but even on post opinions...LOOK NEW Emoticon'S WOULD BE NICE =) 3.2 MAYBE?
  4. Hi all, I love IPB and IPB is the best but really one of the main features is sort by thread views replies,Every other forum has this,vbuttlin,mybb,phpbb and many more.And i can't understand why IPB dosn't have it.Its a really good featuresand it does make a different,You would get more people buying IPB. Thank You. Or does anyone know a hook that you can sort the views threads?. Thx
  5. I have made a fix for that at my forum "http://www.infinitehackers.net/"
  6. File Name: [RiTaLiN] Modern Flags v4.1 [Sexy Flags] File Submitter: RiTaLiN File Submitted: 01 May 2011 File Updated: 05 May 2011 File Category: Hooks and Plugins This is a fantastic hook,It will be perfect for your board.With over 250 Countries your ready to rock! Only $0.99 for this amazing hook,Buy now. Example: ● Display Country Flags on to you'r forum.This hook was originally made by VivianeG,It has been updated by RiTaLiN,The updates incude,NEW Mordern Flags,Capability with IPB 3.1.4 and more countries. ● Sexy Good Looking Flags ● Over 250 Countries ● Modern Looking Flags ● Easy to install ● Members will love it [✔] Some Flag Examples [✔] This is a great hook,Your members will love it ! [✔] This great hook is only $0.99,Buy it now while stocks last ! Click here to download this file
  7. Yeah,Thanks but i go on other forums with the exact same version of the shoutbox (1.1.3) and the exact same version of ipb (3.1.4).. Any reasons why?.Or do i need to upgrade my host?.Im only paying $9.99 a month.. Thank You.
  8. Hey, What do you mean? I made these,these are mine.I own them! [quote name='
  9. File Name: Glossy Smileys File Submitter: RiTaLiN File Submitted: 30 Apr 2011 File Category: Avatars This pack includes 13 glossy good looking smileys. ● 13 Smileys ● Glossy And good looking ● Small size ● Great for your forum ● Free Click here to download this file
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