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  1. what would be a good name for a all round gaming community thinking of changing domain form ps3modderz to just some think simply that everyone will enjoy instead of modding

    1. proutie87
    2. Moeru Wa

      Moeru Wa

      PS3 > World, Central, Zone, Gamers, Game, Players, Play, Station, Empire... List is endless but you get the point.

      ^ Pretty sure they are all taken though n_n

    3. Sandakelum™


      www.gamecafer.com - GameCafer means "Master of All Players" :D

  2. check out http://www.ps3modderz.com/community/ iv edited the skin to make it look like a ps3 skin

    1. Stars25


      Did you purchase the copyright removal for that skin? I noticed you have designed by you at the bottom. I'm just asking since I did some skinning work with the creator of that skin.

  3. needs alcohol in my system

    1. DarkGizmo


      you and me both. :-p

  4. Yo can u reply to my message mate

  5. Download: x-gaming skin

    nice skin we need a ps3 skin
  6. need help on my ps3 site

  7. Looking for someone that enjoys posting frontpage news for my ps3 site

  8. Man City Vs Man United come on you reds

    1. Rοb


      We'lllll drink a drink a drink to Eric..

    2. proutie87


      well that sucks balls not what i wanted :-(

  9. If there is ANY ps3 fans come join http://www.ps3modderz.com/community

    1. Aisha


      Nintendo is better :<

  10. So who can recommend a skin artist that can make a PS3 skin

  11. need a ps3 fanatic and knows IPB to help run my site

    1. Jamie.


      Well i am an XBOX fanatic :P and run a ipb site lol http://xbnation.com/

    2. consolearmy


      Hm I love PS3 and I can run IPB very well. I would need to see what it entails

    3. proutie87


      www.ps3modderz.com just need a admin that will help keep the site running and help maintain it. if anyone likes it PM me.

  12. where do i download a good portal lol

    1. AndyF


      Would be best to post a topic but I guess given your join date, we do not allow support type topics in status updates. There is a built in Portal in 3.1.x though just enable it.

    2. proutie87