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  1. SEO optimization

    Hello I have some errors in my google webmaster tools and some forums with a poor quality (forum games, ... ) We can exclude forum to sitemap, but it's possible to exclude some forums with a noindex value ? In my case the forum games topics are not good for SEO, it's a poor quality content and google take some times to analyse these pages. I have some 403 errors with the do=add parameter. It's possible to add noindex for page with a add/edit tag ? It's possible to personalize 404 error page, for deleted topics, with a "Content related" page ? (A search query with the topic title if rewrite is enable) Thank you
  2. Bulk PM

    Hello, I have a bug with the Bulk PM application. I have tested it in 4.1.16 and 4.1.17 When the application is enable, the URL filtering does not work For the moment i'm in blacklist mode, i haven't tested in whitelist.
  3. Member Notes

    Thank you for your greats mod. I have some suggestions. It's possible to add an option for permitting the note view to the member who is viewing his profil ? For the moment i've just edited one file, but i don't know if it's secure : public function showTab() { if ( \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->group['g_viewnotes'] ) { return TRUE; } else { if(\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_id == $this->member->member_id) { return TRUE; } } return FALSE; } I'm using the Warn Logs Hooks to it will be great if it's possible to add notes and logs with the warn system and send PM to the user. (With only publics informations ) Thank you
  4. Warn Log

    Thank you
  5. Warn Log

    Hello It's possible to add a post when a warn is revoked ?
  6. [HSC] Table BBCode

    Thanks for your mod It's possible to specify color in tr ? <tr bgcolor="#97DEFF">