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  1. Better Administration of IPS.Connect

    While I do appreciate the thanks, it's Marc S that helped you on that ticket.
  2. Uuum Lindy....

    Oh this should be good.....
  3. Want to upgrade forum

    You would need to login to the Client Area using the email address and password which was used to purchase the software, then file a ticket to support. If you do not remember, or do not have access to, that email account, then please send an email directly to accounts@invisionpower.com who will be able to assist you further.
  4. Pffft. Kids these days with their fancy computers.
  5. eCommerce

    You would first have to upgrade to Board version 3.4.9, and also purchase the Commerce application (if you have not done so yet), called Nexus in v3. You'd need to file a ticket to Support so that we can get the correct version 3 files to you. Then you'd install Nexus, and import the Subscriptions from it. The first time you visit the Nexus app in the admin panel, you will be asked if you want to import them. (Make certain you choose to do so, as you are only asked once.) Once that is done, an overall upgrade to version 4 can be done, and those existing subscriptions will be preserved. We can also perform the upgrade to version 4 on your behalf, once you are on v3.4.9. There is no charge to do so, just request it in your ticket.
  6. Version / Security concern

    That is a bug, and I will report it as such. If you are running a version less than a security release update, the banner should remain Red and not be able to be dismissed.
  7. Logging in will log out all other devices

    As Charles noted, this will be addressed in version 4.2, not which was just released.
  8. It's a builtin feature, actually. Members can create a signature and have it added to their replies. To see IPS 4 in action, you can sign up for a free demo here: https://invisionpower.com/demo
  9. Site security

    You have a license, yes, but it is expired and would need to be renewed to access the support sections. Also please note the description of this forum: I'd normally just move the topic to one of those sections, but you would then not be able to see this reply (until you renewed), so this topic will need be closed. Thank you.
  10. Previously owned IP.Board

    If you are unable to perform a password reset, or login to the Client Area, please send an email directly to sales@invisionpower.com and someone will be able to assist you.
  11. Who is your hosting provider?

    As was mentioned, discussion of Hosts is not permitted here, it's something better suited for a site like webhostingtalk or similar. Thank you for your cooperation.
  12. Pleased with support

    Thank you for the kind words, they're greatly appreciated.
  13. Please I just want change url forum

    If you are still experiencing that issue and would like us to assist, you'd need to renew support for your license. (It's currently expired.) Once renewed, please file a ticket to Support and we can advise you further.
  14. url change

    At this time we have to do that manually, so please file a ticket to Support with your request and we;ll be glad to assist. Thank you.
  15. Multi select

    Yes, to multi-select when there is no "Everyone" box, you use "CTRL-click" to select more than one.