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  1. Notification of new events

    Personally I think delete Calendar and re-think the entire events management system I agree we need an auto notifying system, AND a widget like the recent topics added widget that lists all the upcoming events The members *really* want this, and I dont think its fair for me or them that I am the choke point for organising events If I could designate someone to run weekly meetings, I now afew people who'd put their hand up, I cant do weekly myself
  2. There is significant demand for events to occur for our community every week! (We would be meeting in real life for the events) I would like to be able to delegate events management to selected members, and have them be able to create events, with automatic notification to all members (via email), I would also like an events widget that stays permanently on the right hand side much like the "Recent Topics Added" widget We also have companies based locally, interstate and overseas that occasionally run their own events and I would like for them (under their username) to be able to create an event and let everyone know about it, without intervention by me and I would like individual members to have sophisted event management capabilities so they can notify everyone of any events they create, e.g. all VIP members can automatically create any event they choose and notify everyone about it, and have it come up on the "Upcoming Events" widget Basically I want the software to empower the members to create, notify and manage (look at RSVPs etc) events, without even needing me to be alive lol We have alot of events, I cant organise them all, and sometimes I am extremely tied up at work etc So I definately want it to be easy for designated groups to be able to manage events in my absense Currently its a very manual process and I must do everything from booking venues, to sending mass email out, to sending 200+ text messages from my unlimited sms plan etc, phoning people, other organising, I think the software can automate alot of this