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  1. Social Stream

    Great thanks,
  2. Social Stream

    Hello Love the App but I have aproblem that it causes an error with the notifications and the mail icon. When I try to see my notifications or private messages I just get a spinning icon and no information. I contacted support and they sent me this;- Hello The problem is caused by the Social Stream application which is adding invalid entries into the search index. Please contact the application author for assistance or uninstall the application. Disabling the application is not sufficient as disabling does not remove entries from the search index. Please let us know if we can be any further assistance Kind Regards Andrew Millne Invision Power Services Inc. please let me know what to do. Thanks
  3. Social Stream

    Thank you
  4. Social Stream

    I was also thinking that a nice feature would be to be able to update your status from the Social Stream widget then there is no need to place the status update widget on the index page. I tried adding the Status update widget above the Social Stream widget and telling it not to show updates so as to just use the input part and show the updates on the Social Stream but it does not look so good without updates on it.
  5. Social Stream

    I have just bought it and installed it, the only thing I was that on the widget it only shows the title of the topics and posts and does not show the first line or two of the post like it does in the Post Feed widget. Is there any way to get a little bit of the post shown in the widget? Thanks
  6. Social Stream

    Are there any forums that have installed this so I can see a demo please? I did buy the Super News feed before.
  7. StellarRed

    Great looking theme and excellent support.
  8. StellarRed Theme for IPB 4.0.x

    Thank you so much.
  9. StellarRed Theme for IPB 4.0.x

    Please could you do it for me, I have PM my log in Thank you
  10. StellarRed Theme for IPB 4.0.x

    I bought your Stellared theme and it looks really good, the only thing is that on mine there is a firey ball thing on every post. It is not like the picture you posted. How can I remove this firey ball cause it not look good?
  11. I bought 2 plugins last night with paypal and it was approved straight away. I clicked pay with paypal then was taken back to the plugin where there was a download button
  12. Traffic Generator - IP.Board 4.x

    Does this work with v4.1.17.1 please?
  13. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

  14. Newsletters

    I buy it before and now I upgrade to V4. Do I have to buy it again?
  15. New: Custom RSS Feeds

    How do I turn off outgoing RSS Feeds please?