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  1. 4.x Hosting is Too Slow

    Thanks folks, but I should have been clearer, we are using Invision "community in the cloud" and that's what I am saying is too slow since we've been upgraded to 4.x. That's why I posted it in the company feedback section. And using this site as an example, when I click on "submit reply", the result is near instant. But on our "community in the cloud" site, it can sometimes take 5 - 10 seconds. Today I even saw some triple posts, where I'm assuming a member would think the post was not saving and as a result hit "submit reply" 3 times. Anyhow, time to submit a support request....
  2. 4.x Hosting is Too Slow

    You're using the Invision cloud? Thanks
  3. 4.x Hosting is Too Slow

    Thanks Morrigan, I'm going to submit one. I posted here as i was hoping to see how many others had the issue, but a different part of the forum may be a better place to post. We're now even routinely getting duplicate posts, because the poster hits save twice because the page hangs and takes forever to save a post.
  4. I like the newest format, but the performance is too slow. Not all the time, but a lot of the time. Sometimes it performs well, sometimes not. Often specific actions such as posting a new thread or editing a topic are particularly slow. Sometimes when I try to load the site it takes forever. Other times it is fine. This is very specific to 4.x and never occurred until we just upgraded. Edit: probably should have posted this under product feeback, feel free to move there.
  5. Customer Feedback

    Instead of debating whether the "customer is always right", which I suspect most of us can probably agree is a ridiculous statement if taken literally, can we focus on a specific example, using just one of the multiple incidents that had me so upset that day. To this day we still haven't received an explanation of why data was lost, what type of audit they did to determine how such a thing happened, or what they've done to prevent such an occurrence in the future. Put yourself in my shoes: 1. Do you think it's unreasonable to expect these very basic norms in the industry to be met when you're paying a company to host your data? 2. If a company can't be bothered to do that after they've lost your data, would you trust them? 3. I think I can say with 99% certainty that no one would have ever told me we lost data if I hadn't have noticed. Can you imagine how someone in the tech industry might find that atrocious? I've attached an example of an incident from our Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise dashboard. Or here's how Amazon responded when they lost peoples data in 2011. To be clear, I wasn't expecting anything even remotely close to the professionalism of those examples, nor was our data loss as serious, though it certainly could be if I was trusting IP to host a site that engages in online transactions. All I was expecting was maybe a single paragraph email acknowledging the extreme seriousness of losing someones data, with an explanation of what was done to prevent it in the future. 4. In the absence of that, do you think it's also reasonable for me to guess that there's probably a fairly good chance that nothing has been done to prevent it from happening again in the future?
  6. Customer Feedback

    I'm glad your experiences have been good. So were some of ours, until they weren't. The forum software itself is a great offering in the market, no doubt about that.
  7. Andy, I truly appreciate your response, but we're looking into moving to another company that offers the type of support and reliability I expect from a cloud product and am willing to pay for, we can't keep wasting time/money with this company, there are other issues we've had as well but have not even attempted to fix due to the poor support model because it's easier to leave them broken then deal with it. We just want a reliable forum that works and support we can reach when issues can't be resolved via forum or email. Sorry to see this has devolved into the subject of pirated software.
  8. Lindy, do you mind if I use your posts here in an industry trade article as an example of how to never respond to an angry frustrated customer? As for your continued fixation on the fact that I have not submitted another ticket, no I haven't. Despite your fixation on the number of tickets we've submitted and that fact that you think there has only been "one issue with delays", perhaps I'm using many factors to judge your support. Questions: When you lost data on your customers forums, did you send out any type of proactive message to them telling them you had lost some of their data and apologizing? Or did you just do nothing and hope they wouldn't notice? You don't need to answer ;). Have you sent out any explanations to your customers of what happened, why it happened, and what you've learned from the experience to implement new processes to stop it from happening again? You don't need to answer ;). You see the Lindy, your determination to defend and minimize things causes tunnel vision which stops you from seeing the bigger picture of why someone who knows what good support means might find your responses so amazingly unacceptable. And those are only two examples, I could write plenty more.
  9. Ya, I found it sort of funny that he posted publicly about how we only had only 7 tickets. Here's an example of one of the last times I tried to get forum support. 5 posts over 3 days without a response until other forum members helped us. https://community.invisionpower.com/topic/378714-all-forum-email-notifications-stopped-working-after-upgrading-to-342/#comment-2368702 I'd much rather use forum support when possible - which mainly seems to come from members. I'll tell you what though, IPS sure is good at answering pre-sales questions! THAT the company has time for. I'm waiting for this thread to disappear so I've saved it for posterity.
  10. I agree with that. We usually try to search on the forums first. Then post. A ticket is a last resort for serious issues.
  11. You're last response further confirms why I'm running to another company. So now you engage in spin and tell half the story? What in the world does having 7 tickets since 2011 prove? What does resolving 5 of them within 24 hours have to do with taking days to even respond to others? You know, like me responding to a ticket on September the 8th and getting a response back on September the 14th?! Your response here is a classic example of how to further outrage a customer. If you had any semblance of customer service the first thing you would have done was contact me offline and ask how you could help. Instead you engage in spin.
  12. The data loss is actually the least of my frustrations. Responding that you've had horrible support for years and can't take a phone call for a paying customer is not much of a response. It just confirms that you've had horrible support for years, and don't even offer a premium support for someone who would be willing to pay for it. It's one thing to only offer email support for a free service, another entirely for a hosted cloud service. I just tried to and your system rejected it. Now I'll try again so i can go through the painful insane process of submitting a ticket and waiting for 3 days for a response all over again. Then respond with a question so the process can drag on for days. Atrocious. In the mean time your horrible support continues to destroy our forum. Now it's just a matter of finding a new company that offers real support so we can go through the pain of switching away. p.s. Another wild idea if you won't take phone calls would be to offer a chat support option so issues don't drag on for days and weeks.
  13. I dread every support interaction with your company, it's like a Laurel and Hardy episode. Last week you lost some data from our cloud based forum when your SQL system went down. The response was "that's the most recent backup we had, sorry for the inconvenience". You post a blog announcement about how great your cloud product is and have comments turned off. I wonder why? You have no phone support for paying customers. This results in back and forth emails for days or weeks for critical support issues that could be resolved in one 5-minute phone call. You have a ridiculous ticketing system where each response from your company does not include any of the previous emails in the chain. Seriously? I just tried to respond to an old ticket that is a months old to get the problem resolved. Your system instantly responds that I need to submit a new ticket. Evidently it would be too customer friendly to allow the response to reopen the ticket, which is standard functionality in every ticket system out there. I was trying to respond to a ticket where I needed to give you several answers if I wanted to be upgraded to the newest version. The instructions were poorly written and didn't include a single screenshot. I could have written better instruction in 5 minutes. That's just a few....
  14. Is it on the horizon?? I am referring to an integration similar to what you offer with Facebook. I did a search but didn't get a single hit back on "Google+".
  15. Good point, but IMO that does not work really well. People don't tend to want to open a thread, that have to open another thread and read that one, then go back to the thread and response there. It does not make for efficient communication. Again, I'm just giving my perspective coming from forums where it is done differently. I don't pretend that my opinion is the only valid one, even though I know it's the right one :P :D.