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  1. Hosting

    Can someone recommend some good hosting companies that work well with IP Board. Thanks. I need to choose one. Now I'm sure I will recieve may response from the companies and/or thier reps themselves.... Thanks.
  2. Just Bought..How to Access

    I just did the download and there are many folders...uploads, tools documention etc.....don't know what to do???
  3. Just Bought..How to Access

    I have a MacBook pro. I am going to get a hosting company. Can anyone recommend one.....I will review them. What about being able to modify my site from another location(remote) such as work, on vacation etc. Thanks
  4. Just Bought..How to Access

    THanks a lot guys. I am confused about one thing. SO once I set up on my home computer. If I am somewhere else can I modiify my board...say add a forum?
  5. Just Bought..How to Access

    Yes I saw that area just now. Sorry. No I don't yet. I would like to bulld me forum then make it live in a few weeks whcih then I will need a hosting company. How do the packages offered here compare to those elsewhere? Why can't I access the techincal support portion of the community. It won't let me create a post. So on whatever computer I download the software that is the only computer I can use to midify my forum? Do I have have to down load bothe downloads..."IP Board" and the "Coverge". Sorry for the questions, Thanks.
  6. Just bought the $149 package and got an email sayhing my account is active. How do I log in and start setting up my forum? Thanks.
  7. Lawsuits

    Well One of my categories would be race(nothing negative)....believe me I am a proponent of PEACE and understanding. THe polls would cover MAny topics and that would be one. It might be a question such as " Do you prejudge a person before you meet them because of the color of thier skin".
  8. Lawsuits

    Ok I think I am buying today. My site is gogin to be mainly polls. How do I prevent or look into(what type of lawyer) whether someone will sue based on questions asked on the forum. Really don't have money for a lawyer for consultation but want to be sure. Thanks.
  9. Using Demo

    No biggie. I am only doing minor things that should take 1/2 hour or so to do on live site.
  10. Using Demo

    Ok I have a few days of my demo left and was wondering that if I decide to buy which I probably will can these changes I make be imported into the site I buy or will it transfer somehow? Thanks.
  11. Polls

    Can a post be reviewed by the moderator before it shows up or as soon as they generate a post it will show up? Thanks
  12. Polls

    I guess I could request that only polls start a topic the all comments and/or poll choices follow. As a moderator if they don't follow the rules I can delete the initial post? Correct? Thanks
  13. Polls

    Is there a way where I can have people only post polls? Or somehow the start of the topic has to be a poll and then they can comment on it. My point is I want the thread topic to HAVE to be a poll question. After that people can vote and/or comment. THanks
  14. Add ons

    I want to buy the standard license but I want to make sure I don't need any of the add ons. Here is all I really need. Will standard without add ons allow me to do that? Thanks Create polls Add pics
  15. Demo

    Yes that is what i meant, sorry,