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  1. Media System

    Sorry if this was already asked... but is there a way to disable the use of the thumbnail? I dont think that my users are going to upload a thumbnail.
  2. Media System

    That fixed it!! Thanks!
  3. Media System

    Have any of your seen this before? http://www.ohiohunters.org/videos.html (sorry the error messages are really light on the page Errors: Error: Could not load template 'feed__generic_17' from group '' Error: Could not load template 'feed__generic_19' from group '' Anyway, any insight would be great! Much appreciated!
  4. I am having an issue with legit people getting blocked at registration. I went back to check their email and ip and nothing shows up on stopforumspam's website. I had about 10 to 15 people having this same issue. I had the hook send me emails when users were banned and this is what I found. Here are the screenshots... Not sure why it blocked him.... Here are my system settings... " alt="" class="ipsImage" width="1000" height="543"> " alt="" class="ipsImage" width="1000" height="558">
  5. If I were to edit the phrase from the ACP "An Error Occurred"... where would I do that specifically?