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  1. Subscriptions Manager

    Count me among those holding off for now. I'm working with one single subscription option, so Commerce is overdoing it for my needs. Trying to keep it simple. At this point, that means staying back from 4.x. I hope someone picks up development here. Even as a paid app, the simplicity is worth it for me.
  2. Simples

    So any updates on this? I'd like to use this skin but not with the issues as mentioned by Gravi5tar above.
  3. Lazy Loader

    In my case I was also getting an error as above. On my board the tag cloud is disabled, so removing the reference from the function statement mentioned by Cyrem resolved the error.
  4. Download: Enhanced PM Restrictions

    Thank you. It is working perfectly now.
  5. Download: Enhanced PM Restrictions

    One thing I've noticed is that if I enable the Can send new PMs to staff members? option, I get the restriction message when composing a new PM regardless of whether the group is actually restricted or not. It doesn't actually block a non-restricted group from sending the PM, but the warning really shouldn't be there for those groups.
  6. Hide posts

    Possibly a problem because of the friendly URL's and mod_rewrite options. In any case, I fixed it by just altering the URL link in the hook.
  7. Hide posts

    The links for Sign in and Register on hidden posts are wrong for me. It is not removing the topic title from the link, only adding index.php after, so the resulting link just displays the topic page again.
  8. Posts Per Day Goal

    Hi, how is Midnight determined? It was registering the days post count well, but seemed to reset sometime between 7-8pm. My board time is now 8:14pm and is showing 0 posts, though an hour or so ago was showing targets had been reached. I share the same time zone with the server, so I don't think it is a time zone thing for me. Edit: I think it is using GMT for midnight, as the time coincides with the reset. I thought it would have been using native server time zone setting.
  9. Purging "Single Use" Member Registrations

    There's a great mod for this that I also use. "Manage Inactive Members" by Martin A. Doesn't appear to be updated for 3.3 yet if you've already made the jump.
  10. members able to cancel account

    That would be fine too. I wouldn't care so much if the account was recoverable or not, but user access to close the account would still be nice. And in any case, I did suggest the restoration be an administrative option. That means the member doesn't have to have their data restored if an admin chooses otherwise.
  11. members able to cancel account

    I think it would be far better if a user could opt to remove their account, but have all posts retained and marked with a guest prefix. Better yet would be if the account was only soft deleted so an admin could restore the account a few days later when the user changes their mind.