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  1. IP Gallery support of CPG 1.5.x?

    Wondering if there's any news on this? I have a CPG 1.5 gallery I'd like to convert. Thanks! renee
  2. I'm considering signing up for the hosted Standard version of the software which comes with the IPS addons I need. I also need a way to integrate for single signon with Wordpress. I have found a 3rd party package for this, but will I be able to upload it to a hosted board? Is there another alternative for hosted boards? Also, is it possible to import or bulk add members to the board? Thanks! renee
  3. I'm currently using the demo version of IPBoard with all of the applications. I have a question about IP.Gallery. Is the hosted version I am testing exactly the same as the self-hosted version? If not, what are the differences? Thanks! Renee