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  1. I have this same issue. What was the solution?
  2. Can't. Tinychat doesnt offer an API service anymore.
  3. able to ban a guest

    you can ban their IP address.
  4. I noticed if you have guests enabled, you cant ban them from the room. you can only kick them.. is it possible to add ipbanning to guest users?
  5. It seems tinychat nolonger supports the API used in this plugin :
  6. It seems moderation quit working in tinychat. None of the moderators are able to use the functions. This could be due to the new tinychat client.
  7. i would like to see ipgallery added to the quick nav.
  8. I have also made another change to menu.xml as there was a bug in the file. |ipboard/admin/applications_addon/other/tinychat/modules_admin/tinychat/xml/menu.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <menu> <tabitems> <item> <title>Manage Tinychat</title> <subitems> <subitem> <subitemtitle>View Chat IPs</subitemtitle> <subsection>view</subsection> <subitemurl>do=view</subitemurl> <subitemrolekey></subitemrolekey> <subisredirect>0</subisredirect> </subitem> </subitems> </item> </tabitems> </menu>
  9. I have made a few changes with the cp_skin_tinychat.php file to make it function a little better with ipboard 3.2 (See attachment) Feel free to take this code, change it, use it in a future update of your software, doesnt matter to me =D
  10. The tinychat plugin works with 3.2 anyway, just wondering if there were going to be any updates xD
  11. I would like to see joinable usergroups as a built in feature of IP.Board
  12. Will there be an update for 2.3.0?
  13. phpbb3 users and passwords

    awesome! thanks.
  14. Hello, I was looking at the page http://www.invisionpower.com/suite/convert.php and under phpbb3 it says "2Forum passwords cannot be converted" does this mean the passwords you assign to get access to each forum, or the users passwords they use to login?
  15. Hey, I see that mybb 1.4 is listed on the free converters page, however i use mybb 1.6. Would the old one still work on the newer software?