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  1. thats right after this page:
  2. Getting "Access Denied" when trying to sync accounts on user profile in IPS to Discord. All other features working.
  3. ​My history on this site is flawless and without incident, and there has never been anything to this extent. Consider that the issue may be you here, considering the fact that in your last 2 pages of responses you've accepted zero liability, fault, or otherwise any issue of your own. You are less than 2 months old on this forum, with zero history prior to these themes. You can patronize, belittle, or otherwise insult my character all you'd like. Next time you create something, consider multiple support topics first (for each theme), and always make sure images are locally stored during the installation process (aka user uploads the files). There is a resource monitor built-in for themes - use it. There is no excuse for users having to manually edit their images/html post-installation so they don't link to your storage in Europe (aka hotlinking, which is very bad in IPB).
  4. ​I've clarified what was needed. Others can make more educated buying decisions. Thanks for your time.
  5. 1. ​I've shown you multiple times now, with pictures. 2. You are still going on about the width on the navbar, when I mentioned vertical spacing and logo placement. I have never mentioned a single thing about the width. 3. You acknowledged the issue and offered separate packages first, then backtracked. 4. You asked me to PM you about the logo. This thread was concerning the vertical placement of the navbar - two separate issues. Logo is one issue (cannot use logos on your theme correctly without breaking the look further) and Navbar (not aligned with wallpaper behind it properly) is another. 5. This is a feedback thread. I was giving you feedback on where your theme has visual issues in comparison to the proper SC themes out there. Simple CSS fixes, correct, I certainly was not expecting so much pushback. I don't feel its my position to have to go to others for these fixes when they're "simple" and it's your theme. As any IPS dev can lookup, I've spent hundreds if not a thousand+ in this marketplace alone for my clients, and have a literal zero history of issues with developers giving feedback and improving their products, both for my client's gain and their own. Responses like this do not help (your PM): I'll explain one last time, with more detailed pictures. Current Theme and Layout: What most would expect from a Star Citizen theme using the exact same graphics ripped from their own forums: Even if the logo cannot be placed to the left, the navbar could at least use some padding to allow it to sit vertically within the blue lines, somewhat matching the Star Citizen look. If you wish to keep it looking awkward, that's on you. This is a feedback thread. _________________ Edit: So all of your images link off-site to your personal website instead of locally. ummmmm.... My background, also loads from Sweden which is the reason why the site loads slow sometimes. Wonder what happens if "hockeyforat.se " goes down? As much as I love Sweden and all, I'm sure others don't want their images loading from across the world each time their page loads. I don't imagine Google likes it either. If this is present on all of your themes, it needs to change ASAP.
  6. ​Look. Your theme has issues. I am trying to help by pointing them out. Every answer you have given has been along the lines of avoiding the issue. These are simple fixes and CSS adjustments for a custom theme and I'm asking you provide quality. Not being able to use a logo or website name? Not having your basic navbar lining up the same as someone who would purchase the skin would expect? These are basics of basics. You started by first offering to fix it (two packages, your words) then completely backed out of everything when it involved some sort of work. On top of that, when I opened a PM for some help, you said you'd do so for fees. I'll be looking into a refund.
  7. ​Ignore the logo placement for a second. The navbar buttons themselves are not properly aligned vertically. How do we fix this.
  8. ​Applying a 87px height image does not fix the navbar being not centered, and looks awkward at best. The navbar, again, is completely too far down. I will PM you about putting the logo on the left, to match the proper Star Citizen look. Example of navbar in proper position:
  9. ​I look forward to it. I am sure anyone looking for an SC theme would be already expecting the logo to work. Not many people want to run a forum where they cant show their logo or name of the forum
  10. 1. Currently your Star citizen theme does not line up properly with how it should be. The navbar icons would be centered in the textured middle area. 2. If you apply any sort of logo image, it completely messes up the theme. Is there a way to place the logo to the left of the navbar centered vertically with the navbar (with other fix applied). Example of logo messing up theme again: If the logo instead was on the left of the navbar, with a bit of spacing, it would be perfect. Also notice I tried vertically centering the navbar here with the background image, but it cut off the "lights" effect on the bottom. Reference image of the "proper" look:
  11. ​rc7. the latest i believe. I got the error again after doing the "something now working" fix you suggested. Happened immediately. All other apps/blocks work fine tested. I sent you ACP creds. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 134302 bytes) in /home/teamlega/public_html/init.php on line 474
  12. Currently getting the following types of errors when I implement this block into the page: Only happens with this application. Only happens when I implement the block. :/
  13. Now getting this error after creating a collab category. This error came after another error EX1132 i think, that appeared when creating the collab group. Edit: Reinstalled the application to duplicate the error. I got the error after assigning "topic forum" -> Yes to the collab group. Edit2: It errors out when assigning any perms whatsoever, and corrupts the whole app. Edit3: Ok, the error is when "saving". I dont even have to change a setting and simply clicking "save" will give me the above 1146 error.
  14. Getting this error when trying to install.
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