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  1. [HQ] Awards

    so is this project dead? there's been no new updates and or features in months
  2. Download: Ajax Live Search

    ahh updates?
  3. Topic Thumbnail for IPB 3.x

    i still love this mod, thanks man :)
  4. Simples

    question if i buy this skin, and say have promenu will this be compatible?
  5. Download: Ajax Live Search

    there we go it all works now yay!! thank you for the quick up date, quick question could i use this to replace the default ipboard search? ( the one up in the header and say a pop window pops up with a search results ) thank you!
  6. Download: Ajax Live Search

    brought it, installed it, not working, instead of search results it goes ahead and shows my header and menu/s really weird, not a happy chappy
  7. [IPBLounge] Topic Covers

    and is there is way to auto cache the existing topics? ( seems annoying to click 1 by 1 ) but yea.. thats all i has to say :) thanks a bunch
  8. [IPBLounge] Topic Covers

    reason i ask this is because i have a chat bar on my site, and with that on and this as well i can't see the change sort switch to classic thingy... ;) Thank you so much
  9. [IPBLounge] Topic Covers

    first off... thanks for this app Second off how do i edit the style of this? meaning how can i move the buttions at the bottom for this to say at the top? (change sort etc etc) thanks :)
  10. Enkidu Exit Popup Message Box

    i'd buy it, but it don't have them features, so will wait, thank you :)
  11. ProMenu Plus

    thanks heaps :)
  12. ProMenu Plus

    yea that would be cool :) i could change them to suit... thanks :)
  13. ProMenu Plus

    just brought this thanks ;) lookin at the demo you have, how did you get the menu's to have colors like that? i mean from green to orange when you hold mouse over them.... cheers :)
  14. Enkidu Exit Popup Message Box

    does it work for 3.4.x? also can we add a countdown timer to it? could we also add so we have an option to display a page instead of a popup? thankx
  15. (RSyvarth) Social Groups

    ok so after deleting everything ( again ) even the root forum for the groups ( again ) and started afresh, even though from what you have said, was all set right, well after adding new forum installing groups setting it up... it works :D so yea.. there ya go! Thank you for your help!