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  1. Is there a way to link this to Awards app so I can show a page of members who have a specific award?
  2. Do you know what settings I would need to be able to make this happen? I'm not seeing what filters i need to accomplish this. thanks for any help.
  3. is there anyway to change the group upon approval of registration in 4.4?
  4. Can this app be done where it sends a message to a member of a particular group I would like instead of just after validating it?
  5. in what order does it pull the articles in the block?
  6. I am very happy with this purchase and great customer service from the dev. Thank you!!
  7. can you let me know when you have updated it for the dark skin please. thanks
  8. Can you make it to look better for dark skins? this looks good but a bit bright on dark skins. thanks
  9. I can't get it to slide to the next article in the slider. I know there is a setting or permission that I am missing, but any ideas on why it will just show one article and image in the slider and not transition to the next ones?
  10. Ok, thanks. That is what I thought. It does help. Thanks again
  11. Question: Why are there two layouts in the settings and how do I disable one of the layouts?
  12. I upgraded to 3.4.5 and having an issue with it working properly. Anyone else having an issue or just something on my boards? thanks
  13. I uploaded the new file and it doesn't work for me.
  14. The HTML check and uncheck box is a known bug in the 3.4.4 build. It will be fixed in the 3.5 build. I just got this support question answered.
  15. I made these changes but I still am showing the topic started by Guest_*. Any help?
  16. I can answer your animation question, yes it works in the awards cabinet. I tried your example there and it works fine. I am not sure about the conversion. I would guess to say that you would have to re award everyone and upload them all. I don't think there is a conversion file.
  17. just wait till it all is done, that way it limits a possible upgrade once done. Also, are you still planning on making a conversion for us guys who have the current IP.Content version?
  18. to change the "close" template to like "enter" would we just change this line here: <center><input type="button" value="Close" onclick="javascript:closeSplash()" /></center>
  19. Through some trial and error, I was able to determine that this hook causes the awards hook to not work for awards to show in the signatures. just a heads up.
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