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  1. Do you have any extensions or add-ons to your browser to block tracking or something similar? I had Duck Duck Go installed in Google Chrome, and once I turned that off I could see Instagram posts fine. I just checked this morning and had no problems. I was originally confused since I could see the IG posts fine on my phone but not in my browser.
  2. Is Facebook Login required for this to work? If not, I'd rather not add it to my site.
  3. I've set up all the required items in the list above, and it's still not working. I'm probably missing something in the app I created, , but I can't figure it out. There aren't any errors in the system log.
  4. So I created an app and added the oembed product. I put in the App ID and App Secret in the plugin, but it's not working. Is there anything additional I need to add to the Facebook Developer App?
  5. I didn't see a support topic yet (which I will need.) 🙂 Questions like - do I have to create an app for Instagram and one for Facebook and add the oembed product to both? Or can I just create one app? I don't have any experience with creating and using apps through Facebook, so I'm at a bit of a loss.
  6. Can I make a suggestion? Reply here with the embed code that you used, with the changes you made in the HTML field of Custom Button. Then somebody might be able to look at it and see what you need to change to get it working properly.
  7. Is there a way around this? Our logo images are still really small, even at 100%.
  8. Wow, things get buried quick here. I'll ask again, is there a way to disable this?
  9. Is there a way through the Admin control panel to disable this feature?
  10. Yep, I was told by my host that I was only allowed 30 seconds in script execution time and would have to change to a dedicated or cloud base server to have a larger limit to allow files to be uploaded larger than 30mb. Not sure if this would apply in your issue.
  11. Bump - It's probably something easy but I'm not seeing it.
  12. I've changed the {setting="base_url"} to the url of the logo I want to display. (I have someone who creates them for our site). When someone clicks the logo now to return to the main index, it will cause a 404 error. It's appending the URL of the logo to the end of the the forum's URL. Is there a way to still click the logo to return to the index and also have the URL pointing to the location of the logo?
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