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  1. Do You have any best tips for optimizing adsense on invisionboard? Do you use auto ads? or You just put adsense code manualy without auto? Maybe you know some website that reveal some optimization tips
  2. I thought that someone had a similar problem and there is a plugin checking the number of User posts and if less than x blocking the string http letters
  3. Is there any solution to the advertising problem that overlaps the text? I use: /* GOOGLE AD CODE FOR RESPONSIVE ADS */ #ipsLayout_mainArea .adsbygoogle { width: 320px; height: 100px; } @media (min-width:500px) { #ipsLayout_mainArea .adsbygoogle { width: 468px; height: 60px; } } @media (min-width:1050px) { #ipsLayout_mainArea .adsbygoogle { width: 728px; height: 90px; } } but the ads still cover the text like i photo below:
  4. Very often on my forum register Users who aim to write a post with a hidden advertisement (link to another page). Is there a modification that removes links in the posts of people who have recently registered? I can not find one.
  5. Sonya* - Thank You for Yours hints. If you still have some proven methods to increase Our Adsense profits - I will happy to read your tips
  6. Do you think that ads can be optimized better than auto ads. 1. Enable ad balance - 100% 2. Text ad under 1 post (not a banner) 3. 336x280 banner between 1 and 2 post 4. Text ad under x post (4-6) 5. Using the Google search engine Is it possible for Mobile Users to upload other units. I am looking for the code <if> Mobile user </ if> then I would choose flexible units there.
    Very interesting, useful and working plugin. In addition, very good contact with the author and support from his side
  7. When Pagination Ajax is enable and also Your mod is enable, jumping between posts is not possible. The content does not load. As on the attached screen. As You can see, there is no content. The problem is that while Your mod is enable then not save any changes in the edit posts by moderators. There are no errors, the save button work well, but after saving and refreshing the page there is no change.
  8. I bought the modification a few days ago because it offered a lot of possibilities. Installation and configuration without problems. The problem appeared with the jumping between the pages of the topic (helped to disable ajax) But there is another problem which i can not find any solution. There are not saved changes in editing posts by moderators and administrators. Save button, it works correctly but it does not save. Could You saw this problem. Version of my board 4.3.3 I am waiting for version with ads in second post
  9. Hi I install few weeks ago yours hook but I have one small problem. Why prefixes are not alfabethical sortet. What i should change to receive alfabethical sortet prefixes ?? I put up screen from my forum : If You see engine capacity : First position 1.2 Second 1.2 Third 1.2 Fourth 1.8 and than again 1.4 After 2.0 is 1.6
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