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  1. Nexus and Blog

    Can IP Nexus and IP Blog be integrated into the Portal? Does IP Blog and Nexus use the global template feature for IP Board?
  2. Domain name transfer

    Version 3.2.1
  3. Domain name transfer

  4. Domain name transfer

    I have IP Board and it seems my license key has expired and I cannot post in technical support. but i need to know how I can change the default domain..
  5. v3.2 reminds me of waiting for Diablo 3 to come out..lol

  6. Multiple Forum Administrators

    thank you.. i know i choose this over vBull... soon to be customer, Robert
  7. Multiple Forum Administrators

    thanx for the quick reply.. i am actually trying to set up multiple websites to be run through the board when I buy it. Is it within the TOS to point different domains to different subforums?
  8. Can you set up multiple Administrators for subforums?? not just moderators but administrators who can change themes, add logos, and customize css?