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  1. Thank you for this, I was able to locate the cause with the access you provided and have applied a fix to the listed file.
  2. Could you send me a PM with access details? None of my code is calling that function, so something I'm using must be, so I'll need a stack trace.
  3. Just letting you know I just put the update including these features up. This has been fixed as well, but I already got with you on that.
  4. .... To be crystal clear, I'm not arguing against it. Just explaining why I could see this taking a bit to sort through a viable resolution on, it seems simple from the standpoint of just Paypal, toss in the other payment gateways and it becomes a fairly complex change. The entire checkout step order will need redone for example, to allow selecting a payment gateway before address input, allowing the gateway the control to make it optional. While Paypal has an 'account credit' system in place, most will just process online transactions against debit/credit cards, which outright requires a billing address, period.
  5. If Paypal was the only possible payment gateway, sure, no problem. It's not, and most payment gateways don't store your billing address for re-use, and would be shocked at the request that they do so. There are several other 'stock' payment gateways included in the software that 'retrieve the billing address from the payment gateway' is in no way a valid response with, and because multiple payment gateways can be active for a given site the issue is further complicated. In essence, yes, Paypal has your billing address, and what you suggest would seem logical, if there were no other gateways. As it stands, most payment gateways will need the billing address collected from the consumer and sent to them as part of the transaction, *not* the other way around. As such, this is an extremely complex issue to address.
  6. Hello, Please send me a pm with access details to look into it. Thank you.
  7. Per title. I have a sneaking suspicion it's intentional, hence posting it here. Editing the details to alter the description is not an update of a release version. It would be appreciated if this could be improved.
  8. When I first ran into the need for a description to elaborate on the purpose of a theme setting, I didn't think much of the functionality being missing, making an invalid assumption that providing custom code changing the field name would work fine. Yeah.... umm... no, that breaks copying theme settings and even installing defaults - the example code provided is provided for a reason. That's all well and good, but... can we please have support of _desc language strings here?
  9. Having been on the wrong end of a question not actually answered being marked as answered.... I get the feeling such an automated system would produce a lot of FUD. No amount of code can truly determine the correct answer to a given question, and I'm not enthused to see an attempt thereof as a result. Popular opinion does not always, or even often, equate to correct. StackOverflow rather proves this, often with upvoted code answers that are horrendous, with the actual correct answer further below and with fewer upvotes. My 2 cents.
  10. I actually have to agree with this request. There remain gaps in the ability to export things, and i really don't like the idea of providing a raw .phtml file with the page code for a client's custom dev repo commit(doing the big upgrade, going to be a while before it can be copied in), let alone releasing something like that. Blocks use keys. Templates use keys. This is literally non-issue, unless you are hard-coding things. At very least, manual HTML pages and blocks have value in allowing export. Page builder pages I agree could prove troublesome, but potentially still possible.
  11. I had considered pagination several times in 3.x, but at the time it was tantamount to loading the entire xml into memory to show x items. I had also considered truncation, but again, at the time, it was an unideal method due to HTML being stripped to avoid HTML breaking. 4 is much smarter in regards to such, and yes, I will be adding both next version - thank you for calling attention to this.
  12. O-o Sorry to double down, but I just realized a hook isn't even necessarily needed. Pages need not be the default app to be the site index, though a bit of redirecting would be needed, but as you just changed sub-domains there's already one going I would imagine.
  13. The breadcrumb 'home' link, which i did not even realize I use as much as I do, takes one to the homepage, which has no breadcrumb, where it used to take one to the forums index. I keep landing there lol, muscle memory has me clicking the home link. >.< Given that the design intentionally omits the breadcrumb on the main site pages, would it be possible to get a small hook added to change the root crumb to the forums app, so browsing the forums would be less interrupted? Not a big deal if not, just thought i'd mention it Excellent to hear.
  14. SELECT `plugin_name` FROM `core_plugins` WHERE `plugin_id`=(SELECT `plugin` FROM `core_hooks` WHERE `id`=156);
  15. In testing, it would appear that one can only remove themselves from the conversation, not anyone else, regardless of if mod or admin. However, you can just log in as that user from your admin panel and leave the conversation.
  16. .ipsPageHeader { display: none; } Indeed. Target the page header class itself, not the h1 inside it and that problem doesn't exist. That said... it will likely need individual tweaking to only affect desired pages using the attributes on the body tag if one actually goes this route - this would affect page titles *everywhere*.
  17. There are no options to actually export for distribution quite a number of things I would need to to be able to release an update, unfortunately. As a result, on this one, my hands are tied.
  18. Hello Yurri. Yes, I had been debating whether to provide a translatable editor or just caching and using the actual feed description. After consideration, I'll be going with the former in the next release, it allows better consistency considering the other titles and descriptions are translatable.
  19. ..... We modders are running around like chickens with our heads cut off with custom after custom due to an abundance of much-desired and stripped 3.x features. Unfortunately, it's going to be a bit before things settle enough to fill out the marketplace as a result.
  20. What you could do, if the day of week actually matters, is set it to run once a day and check manually in the code. However, there's the problem of locale affecting the actual day names, so the only way to get a solid check after digging seems to be something like: $dayOfWeek = \jddayofweek( \unixtojd( ) ); if($dayOfWeek === 0) { //it's sunday. } please note, this is untested, just what I was able to find digging through the php manual looking for a way to determine the day of the week without the locale coming into play.
  21. I feel like I have to note that's not what people have been saying at all. Not an expensive host, a good host. Not having a firewall when you are a target is unimaginable. Even a 10$/month VPS on a good host not overselling will have a firewall. Considering you are ponying out 200 a month for cloudflare's pseudo-anti-dos, it's literally peanuts in comparison for real security.
  22. I hate to go there, but yes, they can. Just because one can only afford bottom-barrel shared hosting with only PHP 5.3 available does not mean the script is supported therein, for example. The larger one's site, the more one is going to have to put in for hosting. Simple fact.
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