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  1. @jair101, please stop being deceptive. No app or plugin to date has done this due to 4.2. Themes have. The large template differences may warrant it, but don't lump app and plugin authors in with themers. Our woes are not equivalent to theirs, and often we can ignore template updates where themers can not. Your wording was designed to lead this topic towards the thought of apps, when in fact this is about themes. Taken in the context of themes, a complex theme may be justified in re-release, there were indeed a LOT of template changes.
  2. .... um.... it's a brand new domain, so of course it wouldn't be in a security database. It will keep doing that until the domain is 'classified' as per the bottom set of instructions. Thanks for the screenshot, that makes more sense.
  3. Maybe for the same reason I did a whois on the domain before trusting it? I actually was convinced i had somehow been directed to a phishing site upon waking.
  4. Please add a 'list' view to streams then? I find the fluid(or even topic listings in a forum) view much easier on the eyes than the 'stream' format in whole. I have primarily avoided AS because the format is not very useful in providing information at a glance. I find the expanded view jumbled and confusing, and the condensed view gives far too little information. Not saying it actually is these things for all users, just that it would really help in AS usage for many, while identifying a potential reason people are asking for this feature in fluid view to begin with.
  5. That is only meant to address the formatting when using the browser print button.
  6. To be clear, i'm not against an enhancement here, was just stating reality. To be of real usefulness such a constant would need to disable editing templates, sql toolbox, exporting any data such as members, templates, etc, and disallow installing applications and plugins. Disable, as in, fully error out, restrictions becoming irrelevant, nobody can use these features. I am aware of a constant for the latter two items.
  7. ^ This. All they need is theme access. Template logic, by design, allows arbitrary PHP code execution. From there, anything is possible. Game over.
  8. At which point Randy is correct. if they have compromised an admin account with access to manage admin restrictions, they are far enough in to do much anything they want, even if by resorting to editing theme templates if the options mentioned have been removed and \IPS\NO_WRITES is enabled.
  9. Why would you allow a restricted admin account access to manage admin restrictions? :|
  10. \IPS\gallery\Album->setLastImage. Either a second parameter for the 'lastXImageSort' passed to this method and used in the query defaulting to the currently in use sort by date, or pulling the query itself out to it's own method to be modified before iterating would suffice. Note I speak of the select iterated through, not the counting queries. Thank you for following up.
  11. Following up on this. First of all, regarding the default feature change, I agree it's better posted in feedback, and will also encourage the client to repost there. That said, I must pose the question. Considering there would be no other way to do this as a modification besides overloading the method, duplicating the code from within it, and changing minor parts, would that still violate the license agreement? Given any choice or alternative I would have done it in the modification and this topic wouldn't exist.
  12. I would like to point out that there is no frontend indication that they are the 'latest images'. To the end user, it's just an image strip for the album, that does not match the actual album listing at all, provoking confusion. The field name and naming of variables in the code in question do not seem like valid reasons to take the stance taken in my opinion, as there is nothing that explicitly says 'these are the latest images' to the end user in the first place.
  13. Per picture, the 'x and y others liked this' appears to be often incorrect: https://invisionpower.com/leaderboard/
  14. You are not on the wrong track with keeping a copy of the _new state around in the object. Best option would be to do that, then do nothing in the save method, the first time it's called, ie your variable is false/not set. If the custom _new variable is true AND topic_firstpost is set, do what you need to do and set the custom _new variable copy back to false. /* was this a new topic and is the first post now present? */ if($this->ce_new && $this->topic_firstpost) { /*do the stuff you need to do*/ $this->ce_new = FALSE; } /*is this a new topic?*/ if($this->_new) { $this->ce_new = TRUE; } parent::save(); be sure to define the ce_new variable locally in the hook so the ActiveRecord doesn't try to save it to the database.
  15. That's not what that method is for. createFromForm(and as a result, processAfterCreate) is used exclusively by the automated controller which needs something to handle processing after creation automatically. The core does not use these methods when the automated controller is not used, for example on RSS Import. Hopefully that clarifies.
  16. Perhaps my logic is flawed. I do use a password manager. From my perspective and understanding of the relevant technology, if an attacker was to gain access to this account, they will have to have gained access to my password manager, as brute forcing such a large and complex password would take decades, even if for some reason the database was compromised. Security questions such as these would be a last barrier to entry on this specific account, and as a result I wouldn't think it wise to store the answers to such questions anywhere, much less in the same password manager that would very likely already be compromised.
  17. Shouldn't the user be able to define their own security questions? It is the only way to have them be truly secure, questions like this are quite easy to get the answers to with simple social engineering. I skipped them as well, because there is a vast amount of assumption, only one question is valid. I'd be concerned if I didn't use 30-character passwords.
  18. The simplest route would be to simply add the matching language string. The key to use for the new language string would be 'username_desc'. Documentation on creating a plugin to add this language string can be found here: Specifically, the 'Language Strings' section for adding the language string. You need not parse or call it, the suite will use that string automatically there.
  19. Yes.(Not stealing the topic, but I have to chime in...)
  20. SHOW INDEXES FROM my_db.my_table WHERE Index_type='FULLTEXT'; Replace my_db with the database name and my_table with the table name, and run the query. if there are any results, the table has a fulltext index.
  21. Any table with a fulltext index cannot use the InnoDB engine in MySQL 5.5, hence the error(even though vague). I would seriously recommend checking with your host to be very sure 5.6 isn't available and ask when it will be available. If it's a matter of there not being a compatible repository for a higher MySQL version for the OS, you could see if the host could drop in MariaDB at least, as it's a drop-in replacement for MySQL and adopted InnoDB fulltext index support much earlier. If such isn't on the horizon or a possibility with your current host, it might be worth even changing hosts, as this can have a large impact on performance.
  22. Are articles the only database that ever saw the light of live? If so, the above is fine. if not... you might want to add the following as an additional processing rule after that one. RewriteRule ^(.*)/_/(.*)$ http://www.cheersandgears.com/$1/$2 [R=301,L] So that other database records properly redirect.
  23. That stack trace. Dear....., Left nearly speechless. Please clean out the 3.x files and use 4.x code if it's a 4.x install. if it's not I have no clue HOW you've managed that stack trace. By the stack trace, yes. This ^
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