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  1. like I said, was a quick glance so I easily may have read it wrong then.
  2. what php version are you on? I saw something similar before after a php update. iirc was php 5.3
  3. II did do that but forgot to copy it, it did show issues I just don't remember where. it looked to me (at a glance) like there were cloudflare ips involved but I failed to copy the info for accuracy. so take that with a shaker full of salt.
  4. its been good for last hour + here. had really high ping times when it was acting up, I forget the specifics but I attributed it to a network issue somewheres in the chain.
  5. been iffy for me all day, yesterday the rte would not load unless I refreshed after loading.
  6. thats exactly how it would work so rename tutorials to Help and click the tab. done. or make a tutorials category labeled Help, use promenu to put a menu item up pointing to that category. done. this way you can use tutorials for other stuff too. you're making this a lot more harder than it needs to be, install app and add the content you want.
  7. yeah same issue. I will setup and pm access details to you tomorrow. I did redownload also, are we positive the file here is correct? I remember we had that issue once before. thanks Bob edit: I forgot to mention I tested uploads on everything else on the board (all apps) and they all worked. gallery, downloads, upload to forum post, upload to ipcontent and your media mod all work. tested uploading stuff through acp for other hook (forum icons) I use and it was good, was just this item with issue. also if it matters I am php 5.5.10 and mysql 5.6.16 on apache 2.4.x
  8. I'll double check the overwrites just to be sure, filezilla said it did but...worth trying again.
  9. still getting this, have verified both folder ownership and folder permissions. have also tried a variety of sizes just in case too.
  10. Dmacleo

    Member Map

    possible this is php 5.5 issue with the opcode cache enabled?
  11. ahh did not know that, thought it was still Aiwa with you helping. good :smile:
  12. ok will test this today, thanks. I wanted to make sure that there were no chown issues as well as chmod and could not see any. was going to mention that today. Will upload shortly, again thanks :)
  13. nope, no idea when this started either as its been so long since I edited it. will ftp it up for now and search apache logs.
  14. Pete was the prior dev for this app.
  15. tutorials app works well for this stuff.
  16. no way for anyone to know if it works on them unless they have same skins. mod is made to work on default skin which it does. it works on some custom skins and not on others.
  17. yes depends on skin of course but it works.
  18. I forgot to double check that after making some changes, will check that now. thanks Tapir
  19. Dmacleo


    just an fyi your pm box may be full and I cannot reply to your messages RAW.
  20. having issue updating default image [#11L000] The file you selected is not an acceptable image. Please try again with an image having a valid extension: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .tiff does not matter what is chosen for image either.
  21. its my next planned purchase too, and content was something I wondered about but I would expect no issues. its a pretty darn cool idea.
  22. ok, is it only one style or are you able to lock a style to a skin? I have some dark and some light skins so whats best for one of course would not be good for another.
  23. hmm watching this one for sure :0 good idea. can the user, at some point, have option to choose a style that the admin has created? eg admin sets up a few to match installed skins and user can choose whatever one they want. am I explaining my thought correctly? or is there only one style that gets used on all skins?
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