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  1. Dmacleo

    Embed Tweets

    try NOT pasting into notepad or anything with chrome now. I just updated (on stable) on win 8.1 and copied and pasted direct from chrome and it worked.
  2. Dmacleo

    Embed Tweets

    I have 8.1 here, if I get a chance I will install notepad++ also and see if there is anything. I don't have high hopes though due to how chrome lists the url in address bar. no promises I can but I will try to set aside some time and mess with it.
  3. fwiw when I do that I check them all and then afterwards recache just habit I got into
  4. Dmacleo

    Embed Tweets

    not that I know of, its a chrome issue purely. this used to work however it was only tested in normal notepad on windows xp, windows 7, windows 8. if I get a chance this week I will see if I can find a workaround that works better. wondering if there may be a difference between copying using keyboard and mouse, maybe rt click copy may put it into clipboard differently. what OS are you using? I have no way to test on a mac.
  5. Dmacleo

    Topic Slider

    not sure if you see same thing as me but the topic slider has issues from topics created by ip.content automatically, for some reason it doesn't like the images there. have not had a chance to really look into it though
  6. Dmacleo

    Embed Tweets

    you don't upload it as a hook, its a media tag. ned to somehow uninstall it in the manner you installed it but not sure if it will as its not a hook, goto look and feel-post content-manage media tags and then upload from there. then recache all skins.
  7. Dmacleo

    IPC Slider

    ok I got right slider this time LOL :P hook for 113 still identifies as 112
  8. Dmacleo

    Topic Slider

    oh crap, I am so sorry about that. shoot now I gotta download and upload the ipc slider hook LOL
  9. Dmacleo

    Topic Slider

    1.0.3 long version 10003 and its not there
  10. Dmacleo

    Topic Slider

    I uninstalled and reinstalled but same thing.
  11. Dmacleo

    Topic Slider

    not there, maybe I should uninstall the old hook and install new one? is it possible new one (which I imported twice) wasn't uploaded correctly?
  12. Dmacleo

    Topic Slider

    does this happen automatically or is there a setting for it? I imported the new hook but am not seeing anything about it. which section of settings would it be in? thanks Grant
  13. Dmacleo

    Embed Tweets

    not sure, I would need server and acp access to know for sure.
  14. Dmacleo

    Embed Tweets

    still works for me on 3.4.6 using firefox, palemoon, IE11. chrome gives issues still
  15. IBSkin blue pro? link please. there was a blue pro and pro blue, iirc I have both but one won't install on 3.4.
  16. yup good way to cause issues would be to blindly send out email like that, then every operator on shared hosts would be freaking out. there were topics posted here, some good discussions. I would rather I not deal with stuff like that since it has nothing to so with them.
  17. the statement right before your question answers it. I also run it on 3.4.6 with no issues.
  18. livestream and ustream are something I am looking fwd to. right now I am embedding them on another domain and just using media tag but thats pretty much a pita. so checking in here every few days :)
  19. I have not seen it in some time so (if it ever was there) it may have been removed before you took over. where its using the normal board rte that caught my eye. I actually had a use for it yesterday and thats when I noticed it wasn't there. Can I make a feature request somewhre for this?
  20. Hey Adriano, didn't this used to show "edited by" option like forums do? or is my memory really off?
  21. I may be wrong but as far as I know it has never worked on mobile as it was never built to.
  22. could install the tutorials mod, then copy the help files to them. that may bring them to peoples attn better.
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