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  1. nah all credit should go to the developer, I've just installed so many I have practice. thanks though. I was offered the mod a bit ago but where I have no programming skills I didn't think it fair for me to take over. I'll pony up the money shortly, glad to see its not one with renewal fees.
  2. hmm if trying to hit specific forum (eg client lounge) when logging in that would happen.
  3. the database category attach will be real useful, as is now we can easily link to content page itself but thats not always cleanest route. this is nice touch. and the work around to the menu activate is good for me too.
  4. Dmacleo


    and since I had no issues with preview that explains why no distribution issues. however, as you just mentioned, I was up to date on this app too.
  5. its happening HERE though right? thats the way I read the OP. I had a bunch of timeouts here about 30 minutes ago.
  6. Dmacleo


    yes, and had no issues. I didn't run long, just enough to generate 2 or 3 distributions (iirc was spaced 12 hrs) so I may have missed something. I was messing around testing some stuff anyways so figured I would try to duplicate but I just couldn't. I also nuked the test board this morning so I don't have the same setup now. thats why I wondered about another hook as I am pretty much stock ip.downloads setup as its more a background/feeder program for me.
  7. Dmacleo


    huh now I am wondering why I don't see that, preview works fine and newsletters (including ip.download stuff) seems to work fine. I am on mysql 5.6.17 though where many may be on 5.5 but can't see that mattering. if not seeing this issue ( I could not even force it, was testing some newsletters on test board so tried to force this issue when there) would you advise updating anyways when its released?
  8. this last version 3.2 from 4-11 (I was out of date a bit) not honoring the Enable ProMenu Activation and Enable Menu Activation settings, menus are highlighted even when set to off. multiple skins too. did all the rebuild/recache stuff. https://provisionists.com/tracker/_/promenu/menus-highlighted-even-when-disabled-r5
  9. Dmacleo


    well the developer may know more but it seems to me this is related to this I am not sure where that f is from as I don't see it in my database. you have any hooks/mods for downloads that somehow alter members table that may be driving this?
  10. lot of issues for me today. sent ping and tracert in a ticket (SR887378-g9C) as at the time it was only ip site that loaded.
  11. Dmacleo

    Embed Tweets

    any updates on this issue?
  12. you still have to actually manually edit the skin. its not hard and it does work in 3.4.6. I have some spare time todayy if you need me to do it, would need acp access though.
  13. ah, no idea then. not actually a coder I've just installed this one a few hundred times. somewheres in the skin (not related to this mod) you would have to add padding somewheres for the description to slide it right.
  14. Dmacleo

    Songs In Profile

    change the 1024 to 15360
  15. if you are looking to have the icon beside the read/unread in mod settings change display mode to next to forum name. will look like this
  16. not sure what you asking actually.
  17. it could be useful (especially for those that don't know how to enable mixed in the browser) but the same thing could be done by requiring them to upload (disable linking) the image as, in the end, its the same thing. image file is stored on your server either way.
  18. Dmacleo

    Embed Tweets

    I don't know then, if you had tried the older method and added the twitter js script to the global template this would happen. some ad code or other js may also, I don't know for sure. only thing I can think of is disable all hooks (clicking re-enable all when done will put it back to normal state) and see what happens then. do you have a default unedited skin? edit: you don't have noscript of flashblock (or similar) extensions installed in firefox do you? I would need access to see this happening but even then I may not be able to do much.
  19. Dmacleo

    Embed Tweets

    what browser? and you didn't try the older method where you added a twitter js code to skins did you? does this happen on all skins?
  20. Dmacleo

    Embed Tweets

    I have put 25 in a post before so not sure, maybe need space between them? like: tweet1 tweet2 also may have to do hard refresh for the subsequent ones to show
  21. fwiw Adriano took care of me really fast in same situation.
  22. works fine on blue pro. this is for 3.4. make sure to back up your 2 files first. I included originals but if you made any edits you would need to adjust. blue pro.zip
  23. it seemed to me you wanted to sell it once to the company to then be seen, but upon reading again I am not sure. seems to me would need some sort of coupon/password generation that the individual purchasing distributes. say he buys 50 times he would get 50 coupons/passwords to view. but the thing is once one person has bought everyone there can view, all he/she needs to do is set up projector and show it. maybe setting up a group price and hoping purchaser is honest? say (arbitrary figures) 10$ for one person to view it and 90$ for ten to view it, a little bulk discount to help. with firefox/chrome browsers no matter what you do the video is almost always able to be downloaded anyways if desired. I think ipb economy mod MAY be able to handle something like this but not sure.
  24. allow them to download it? if mp4 can play on their local computers and local trainers can deal with it.
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