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  1. login loops, its used so little on my end its not worth dealing with. plus the less I deal with google the better.

    haven't removed files yet but uninstalled the login method and the hook and so far seems ok.

  2. this is how mine is setup

    steps 8 of the included instructions in the zip file is where a lot is explained IIRC


    And I deleted the stock media one and just built new one. but thats up to you.

  3. Installed and have been playing around with this for the last hour now, but I cannot for the life of me find a way to upload videos. Obviously a permission error somewhere, but I can't track it down. I've got the groups selected in the "MT Media System Settings" hook, and also within the database.

    Is there anywhere else I should be looking? I've got no "Add media" button anywhere.

    IIRC, and I may be wrong, you initially have to add soemthign through the acp interface and at that point the add button shows on front.

    not sure if this changed in newer versions though.

  4. ok it was defaulted to No for me which would use flat file then?

    I've swapped to yes to see if any issues but have not had chance to test for long, so far no issues.

  5. what does the new caching-file cache do?

    I am not able to watch the video fully but did try to see if I could find mention there. having some dsl issues so keeps cutting out.

  6. I have to agree with you in some way. Though I have to admit over the past 2 years I have thought of many ways to stop piracy of my own products I released, here is what I came up with. This will not be a hassle on customers as most have a decryption tool installed server side anyway. You encrypt part of the file, include some basic code that won't need to be messed with by developers or can be tied into as developers already know the code. Then you use your own system to check that code to make sure the code exists and license provided. If both comply then you do nothing, if not then the site is reported grabbing the IP, domain, etc. This will bring pirated versions down and really make them think about pirating the software.

    One thing I do know is that many customers have tried a pirated version before ever purchasing so in a way it helps but it is still illegal. That is my input and I'm not saying I'm fully right.

    so if your server goes offline or becomes unavailable what happens to legit customers?

  7. pro allows offline pages and a few other benefits including better https support as well as actual faster account support.

    to get amazon cloudfront working I used this guide as a template, I didn't mess with minify though


    I use around 500mb data a week and usually costs me about ONE dollar a month.

    its so cheap for me that I seldom even check the usages, and since my dns isn't going through it (like with cloudflare) I can upload large files to the site w/o hitting the nginx 504 error. cloudflare refused to correct this and allow anything over 50mb for uploads.

  8. Sorry, tbh I thought it was really that simple lol.

    not mentioned yet (that I saw) is that there are also a plethora of laws involved, what is allowed to be done in one country may not be allowed in another and the attempt itself COULD (as in it has the potential to be) be illegal.

  9. cloudflare affects everything as it takes over your dns, try uploading 60mb files through cloudflare w/o messing with subdomains that bypass.

    amazon cloudfront only handles what you want, images, js, and css if wanted. I use it for images.

    works well and is cheaper than cloudflare.

    but its not a web firewall like cloudflare though.

  10. your now charging $10 with no new updates to this mod? or has an update been released for us to make this mod worth $10?


    all credits goes to Dmacleo for this mod atm. thanks mate for all your support @ (Dmacleo)

    nah all credit should go to the developer, I've just installed so many I have practice. thanks though.

    I was offered the mod a bit ago but where I have no programming skills I didn't think it fair for me to take over.

    I'll pony up the money shortly, glad to see its not one with renewal fees.

  11. the database category attach will be real useful, as is now we can easily link to content page itself but thats not always cleanest route. this is nice touch.

    and the work around to the menu activate is good for me too.

  12. All of the issues reported by this user are related to the same SQL error. Basically, if you can't even generate a preview, you aren't going to get any distributions because it can't render the newsletter altogether. If you can preview, you can distribute.

    and since I had no issues with preview that explains why no distribution issues. however, as you just mentioned, I was up to date on this app too.

  13. yes, and had no issues. I didn't run long, just enough to generate 2 or 3 distributions (iirc was spaced 12 hrs) so I may have missed something. I was messing around testing some stuff anyways so figured I would try to duplicate but I just couldn't. I also nuked the test board this morning so I don't have the same setup now.

    thats why I wondered about another hook as I am pretty much stock ip.downloads setup as its more a background/feeder program for me.

  14. huh now I am wondering why I don't see that, preview works fine and newsletters (including ip.download stuff) seems to work fine. I am on mysql 5.6.17 though where many may be on 5.5 but can't see that mattering.

    if not seeing this issue ( I could not even force it, was testing some newsletters on test board so tried to force this issue when there) would you advise updating anyways when its released?

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